GUIDE TO AI WORKERS – Farming Simulator 22


A basic guide to AI Worker sin Farming Simulator 22.

00:00 – Intro
0:19 – Field Work
1:23 – Go To
2:56 – Deliver
5:26 – Load & Deliver
7:00 – Outro

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  1. Love the video guide. I’ve been trying to use this feature on PS4 and my game throws a tantrum and locks up. I thought I was doing something wrong but I guess it’s just a bug for last gen console

  2. I was going to make a smart ass remark about the ai driving being better than yours. Someone beat me to it so I will not. Hey love your vids and thanks for your service in the police.

  3. I dont seem to get a hire worker for when im baling i get the AI Worker Menu instead. I cannot set the worker to go up and down a field with a baler. I need the Hire Worker auto option instead. Is this a bug?

  4. Is the maximum amount of the AI workers 3? Because when i try to hire more than 3 active at the same time it says "AI worker X has stopped working unexpedely – no field found" but he is clearly standing on a field i worked on earlyer with another AI.

  5. Not impressed with FS22 a lot of stuff not working for me. Ai doesn’t work. And I can’t change my timescale 😡😡😡 Hope the glitches are fixed soon. Hope I didn’t waist my money.

  6. Nice video FC. I agree, the pathfinding is useable and okay, but could use better smoothing and improved speed control, and completely clean up all weird turns and speed stammers where those occur. I have seen some heavy critique of the new FS22 AI on other channels. The AI is limited in ways (like baling and grapes) and not so smart in others like unable to resolve object blocks on its own. Even so, the AI is a huge leap forward from FS19 base game AI,. I am more than thrilled with Giants dev team achievements here! Other games have more advanced pathfinding, and some much worse or not at all. I will use Course Play and Auto Drives mods when those get refactored for FS22, but will also make extensive use of the new base game AI alone, or else not use it at all for survival RP situations where there is a rule not to allow use of any AI workers, to create a harder gameplay constraint. I can also see a clear reasoning for not using any mods or AI whatsoever, the game is that incredibly fantastic already without any extra maps, mods, choices or cheats! Excitedly await all the Season Pass DLC though too. By the way my G920 wheel and the Logitech Side Panel worked with almost no need for any further changes right away in the first game save. I commend Giants for a truly amazing top to bottom leap forward in almost every way in FS22!!

  7. Love your tutorials, helping me out a bunch, got a quastion do you know if you can change your in game radio so it play your local radio stations.

    Sorry for the englisch 😁, go on with your video's, loving them.

    Greetings Mark from the Netherlands


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