Greenlands Is a Brilliant British Map – Updated for Farming Simulator 22


Greenlands by Peter716 is back for Farming Simulator 22 and it’s even better than the FS19 version, with some great new features that make it a brilliantly flexible map. The map is currently in testing and will be coming to both PC and Console at the time of writing this.

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Greenlands Is a Brilliant British Map – Updated for Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Always amazes me that Giants design, and ask us to support a game that relies HEAVILY on a modding community, and then take so long to put mods through their system………come on Giants!…invest some money in the turnaround time for the modders. Now a month since you pre-viewed this map and once again Giants taking forever. I know there are a huge amount of mods, but one person could assess a lot of mods in a day.

  2. @Peter 716 Gaming
    This is one of the top maps I've seen for either FS19 or 22. Alongside AlienJim, OxygenDavid, and the Finnish map Kuusela, that's how good it is.
    And the absolute best bit is the farmyard. Like O2D2 ( sorry)it's realistic, tight, but workable. It feels like it evolved over centuries, like Calmsden.
    That you make a new mechanism, too, is just ridiculous, and why I put you with AlienJim. I actually like the awkwardness of trying to get the tractor AND the equipment through that gate you have to go a mile away to get through. After all, that's what made British Farmers so patient, and so very resilient!
    17/10. Would go mad reversing through that gate again.

  3. Just a point of constructive accuracy – Portrayed as a British Map with a Landrover Discovery (Lovely) all driving on the left – shouldnt it (and the otherer traffic) be a right hand drive? Tiny note but they seem to have done so much for accuracy it seems a shame to stop short…. Looks great though and well presented – Thanks!

  4. Another interesting map, well presented and reviewed. Only 2 gripes for me. As this is a British map, why is the Land Rover left-hand drive and why is the Auction Centre spelt the American way? (Auction Center)?

  5. Selling the gates an hedges is epic in my opion.. been waiting for a map maker to do this. As i am in the states. Great review like always Mr. FSG………and hats off to Peter for this option on a great looking map. Cant wait for this to come out.


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