Greenhouses in Farming Simulator 22 are Gold Mines


Seems greenhouses might be a bit over powered as far as output compared to cost inputs. They will pay for themselves very quickly. This video runs thru how to use greenhouses in your production chain or just using them as money makers.

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  1. Just got the game over the weekend for PS5 and have been playing around with it. Greenhouses will definitely be part of my serious playthrough once I've got the new game mechanics worked out.

  2. i disagree with the mixed one for sure. at the large one it seemed to be 1/3rd of the total production you had. at medium it actually looked as slightly more than 1/3. so having 3 medium greenhouses running mixed might be more total produce than 1 of each type. at large it might have no effect. but for all of them it didnt look like it reduced total produce at all. the same amount of water was spent on the same amount of total produce, just some produce (especially lettuce) made the others numbers be really low

  3. At 16:20 you are telling that the price is at the bottom. But the white line in the diagramm is showing you the actual price … it is on Top for all 3 Products. Its hard to see because its directly under the Timescale. ( Check other diagrams to see which line i mean exactly) . Those diagrams are completely useless… the prices are going from worst to best within one day , nearly every day. Except that, great video.

  4. This simulator isn't realistic enough, I need my workers to sometimes call in with COVID and I have to continue to pay them even though they're not working. I want to order a tractor and due to supply chain issues, it won't be available until the following year. I want an option for hyperinflation so my money is worthless by the time I get it and use it and all equipment is 40% more expensive year over year.

  5. Auto-selling is always a very bad idea. A different Youtuber found out that there is a 40% (yes, FOURTY PERCENT) fee that you lose for delivery fee if you auto-sell from anything in the game!

  6. The bakery barely use strawberries and it can hold 7000 liters.
    Fill up the bakery with strawberries once and it's gonna last you yrs if you only do 1 day per season. I'm running at 3 days per month and it's still gonna last a couple of yrs I think.

  7. I also find, if you can tell it to fill, and overload, if it continues to do it, the trick is to turn off the Auto Engine Start Stop, so when you get out of the truck, tractor, whatever, it doesn't stop running, it also doesn't stop unloading water. I bought the large greenhouse, parked a truck with the same water trailer, and just use it as a tank extension.

    The best part is, from what i've seen, leaving the vehicle running for months on end, doesn't use fuel, and doesn't increase the engine run-time (whatever the little hourglass counter is on the speedometer) and doesn't reduce maintenance. I bought a dolly and one of the cheap 15hp tractors just to free up my truck to use for milk runs and just set it and forget it.

  8. They exist to help the early game along but eventually you sell them because they aren't super interesting, I think that is their niche. Plus yall are playing on easy mode. Hard economy should be the "normal" setting lol.

  9. I did some test 24 hour on normal mode selling vs storing. Day1: sell profit: 1908 – stored and sold: 2133. Day 2: selling profit: 2029 – stored and sold: 3168. So it seems the money you make depends largely on the price change so if the price goes highest when you sell all your stored product you will make way more because the selling immediately option will not wait for the highest price. it seems it looks at the average price. Maybe someone can do an even deeper test but it seems storing and wait for the high price is more money now it is also way more hassle you will have sooo much strawberries to haul around.


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