Will you be trying Graystone Farm?
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The first American mod map for Farming Simulator 22, Graystone Farm. This is our tour and walk through of this new mod map by Large H Mapping.

Map can be downloaded here:

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  1. alot of land in the united states is land locked what i mean by that their is no road acess from county or state roads you have too get a essment from other property owners around the land its becoming more of a big deal now days more noticeable

  2. Only thing I don’t like is that you can’t place any trees down. I wish he would trim the big forest on the left side so we can place our own or if there is some coding to let us place trees.

  3. I don't see purpose in getting this map till the 2nd or 3rd updates. Like you said,
    a lot of things need to be addressed. But the detail is good and I also noticed as
    you drove around, it has street signs! A great idea. As long as all the streets don't
    have the same two names like "County Line". Also as you said, it's a pretty good
    start. Thanks for the review Klutch, have a good day.

  4. Hey klutch
    Those silver things that are all over map are for tobacco dryers ( supposedly the map making was goi g to try to get them to be used in map. ) . That what I was told on another map tour of this map .
    ( farm sim guy I think )

  5. I’ve been playing on this map for 2 days or so now. I downloaded it because The Farm Sim Guy hyped it up saying a lot of the stuff would be fixed before it was released.

    However, when I downloaded the map, like you I saw the stuff hadn’t been fixed (edge of the map) as well as the workers tend to take crazy paths when hired for some odd reason. Like you, I think modded maps should have towns. I also don’t like the fact that his buildings and placeables can’t be deleted to actually build a real farm out. You would have to download GE in order to do that. The 3 in 1 sell point and shop to me is just lazy. I can’t remember a single map that hasn’t had a tractor dealer of some sort on it.

  6. Speaking of naming farms I'm going to add on to that would be nice if you could name your own Farm by making your own Farm sign and naming it what you want now I play on Console and have been since 17 so I know console may not ever get this sign capability but it would be nice

  7. Did you happen to test whether the hired workers path properly when you send them to travel to the store or anything like that? I’ve been curious how that feature will translate to mod maps. That said, I don’t think this map is compelling enough to pull me off of Elm Creek just yet.

  8. Really liking the map I feel like biggest thing that make the map really great is if it had a couple things like a town with everything like tractor dealership, grain mill ect. Also need finished farms that have everything needed grain storage, place for animals, place for hay a house and machine shed. The ends of the map would be better with a road and a wall of trees so ya know thats end of the map. Also the map has dryers for tobacco or hemp


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