GAME SETTINGS GUIDE – Farming Simulator 22


This video will go over all the basics of the in game video, sound, and gameplay settings.

00:00 – Intro
0:19 – General Settings
1:27 – Sound Settings
2:00 – Display Settings
3:02 – Advanced Display Settings
4:36 – Control Settings
5:07 – Device Settings
5:43 – In-Game General Settings
10:07 – In-Game Time Settings
10:43 – Economic Difficulty/Traffic Settings
10:53 – Seasonal Cycle Settings
11:51 – Crop/Field Settings
12:15 – Vehicle Settings
13:28 – AI Helper Refill Settings
13:45 – Outro

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  1. turn fidelity fx to ultra quality or quality no lower if you are going to use it. you have it set to performance which will kill the picture quality. its the lowest quality setting!!!

  2. Anyone who has the same problem as me in fs22 in that when I use a xbox one controller there is no way to change the ”steering back” speed which result in a very unrealistic and janky driving.
    I dont want ANY steering back speed.
    It doesnt matter if I switch force feedback options on/off in start menu either?

    When I lay down gamepad tho and use keyboard the steering back options is like I want them as in 0 steering back.
    Thanks 🙏

  3. I just downloaded the game and its SUPER laggy, i have tried different settings and my computer has more then what is needed if performance and nothing works. Cant play the game have 2 fps

  4. Excellent review of settings! I wonder if Giants can patch that automatic menu scroll to the top and save the screen position when going in and out of menus, like a button to enable or disable. Most of the time, the automatic scrolling is fine, but there are other times for trying settings and going in and out of the menus like what you did. Giants has clearly gone over the whole game and made fantastic improvements throughout! I love the new settings menus, these are way better than FS19. Control of seasons is super easy. As far as tutorials you could do, I would suggest you could go back over the same ones you did for FS19 and do again for FS22, except the Maize ones which I think we do not have yet? I have watched every one of your tutorials and learned so much from you, it this knowledge and examples completely transformed my game experience and made it incredibly better!! I could not be more thankful, they are fantastic!! Please give your wife extra hugs for standing by your side and supporting you in everything you do. God has clearly blessed you through her, and in so many other numerous ways, my friend. Peace and joy to you both.

  5. I think the inverted y axis also applies to mouse control. As a long-standing inverted mouse user, I always appreciate the existence of this option in games. Thanks for all the showcasing. Makes me feel really prepared for Monday. 😊


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