FS22 | THE WESTERN WILDS | 15 | MYSTERY CROP! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


PLANTER PURCHASED! FS22 | THE WESTERN WILDS | 15 | MYSTERY CROP! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: ALiEN JiM. With some ‘off camera’ prep work done, it’s time to buy a planter and get some planting done. I also turn my attention to my logging area for some additional growing options, including a mystery crop…

Seasonal Growth is OFF.
Weeds are OFF.
Normal economy?
1 day months.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

Mods used:
Front Lifter By: Peppe978,
LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT + Vehicle Shelter Metal By: Blacksheep Modding,
Multifruit Buying Station + TLX 3500 Series + 20ft Gooseneck Trailer By: 82Studio,
Hobo Farmhouse Pack + Open air Garden + Pallet Storage + Farm Production Pack By: Oma Tana,
Liebherr TL 436-7 By: KRKZ-modding,
Toolbox + Sell Everything By: Schultz Modding,
Farm Supply Pack + Grass Drying By: The Lort,
Slurry Yard By: MISSYB,
Adurante R200A By: DD ModPassion,
Lizard F100 By; Farm Centro Sul,
Light Weight + Lizard Personal Lighting + Lizard Liquid Tankers By: Mantrid,
Fiat 1000/1300 DT Super + Mack R By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding Sur),
Mobile Wood Sellpoint + Liftable Pallets And Big Bags By: Jos,
Lizard Forage Pickup By: FluffyMods,
Buyable Manure By: MichalLS,
GVS 6U By: RusAgroTeh,
Lizard Loader 863 with Shovel + Kockerling Jockey 600 By: ARM-Team,
Lizard AD 7000 By: Langreomodding,
Stationary Woodchipper + Storage Shed for Products On Pallet + Sawmill + Fertilizer Production By: ZoddelZockt,
Digestate Fertiliser Factory By: FarmCat,
John Deere 4755-4955 By: AAA modding,
John Deere 2280 By: SleutjesModding,
John Deere 1113 By: Erik Isac/Adriano Ivankio/Agro Mods,
Vaderstad Tempo VTP V8/FH2200 + Vicon Extra Pack By: GIANTS Software,
BGA Methane Pack By: erShaba,
Hessian Farm By: BERNIE MW,
Bridge Set By: Razak,
Animated Shed Pack + Placeable Objects Pack By: ALiEN JiM,
Lizard 560 By: North Modding Company,
980K Wheel Loader By: genamsk,
Packing Facility By: CookieCat,
Decorative Rock Pack By: OlaHaldor,
Placeable Ramp By: Pisty/Vanquish081,
John Deere 2410 By: J.A.Modding,
Amazon ZG-TS 1001/2 By: FiB7,
Great Plains YP-2425A By: Adams Kong,
GL860 Multi Planter By: TethysSaturn,
Cheap Olive And Grape By: Flying Dutchman,
Stone Crushing Lime Production By: Flusty94,





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  1. You've inspired me to take the plunge and give this map a go! I stay away from these empty maps usually as I lack ideas and get a bit lost with empty plots, but the idea of mowing the plot and setting out a margin is what I'm going with to make life easier…cheers Mr Sealy P

  2. At first, I was confused about why you were using the Cheap Grapes and Olives, because I remembered the "reset" episode where you realized that you forgot to switch the economy from "Easy" to "Normal." Watching this episode, I wondered, "If 'Easy' economy isn't hard enough, why are the default vine prices too difficult?" But then I saw the Mega Vineyard! That would have cost about a million dollars with the base game vines.

  3. Green houses — The open air green houses that you are using are great. Did you know that you can activate ALL of the potato recipes in each green house and get a substantial increase in potato production. Just make sure that all the ingredients are present.

  4. Loving this series its been great watching your lets plays now alls you need is a olive grove with your poplar and grapes and the packing facility is a game changer on my elm Creek lets play ive started the crisps and getting ready to start ketup for the fries from the oma tana mod pack and of course the long waited cereal now just need the dairy for my chocolate frosted donuts and soymilk and eventually a spinnary tailor shop and sawmills/barrels and pallets it'll bring me back to my sawmill days in indiana it'll be nostalgia when I get all of that going and that'll be my end game for elm Creek then it'll be either the dlc map coming in fall or haut beylaron

  5. I installed one of the modular bga pieces that turns digestate into methane and energy and have that on selling since I had no need for all digestate I was making.

  6. Just a thought, planting poplars is wonderful but what about planting regular pines to keep the logging aspect alive? You will need them for protections after all… Loving the episodes and can't wait for the next.

  7. That vineyard with the real prices would have cost millions, maybe even 5 million or more.
    I know cause I did field 23 on the Haut map and it was almost half a million and that field is a speck compared to this one.
    Anyways, have fun with the absolute massive pain in the ass you just got yourself into, cause it's gonna be major work if you do it properly. Lol

  8. I'm not sure if your aware of doing gape vines, but the harvester fills up quickly and you'll be driving back and forth because you can't just drive out of the vines where your full, it can be a pain if you have to dive up the same isle for 3rd time just to get that 15% you miss on each lane.. I have a suggestion for you. you start one end a fill up untill your full then make a large exit point. place 2 grape trailers at each end, then there no back and forth. if there's room left over you can place another vineyard. Also use the same trick for olives. hope it helps if you haven't already thought of it. good luck 🤞hope makes sense I can draw a diagram if I lost you lol.

  9. It’s nice when we get equipment with more options for planting but it’ll be nice if they take the time to finish the visual side so we can see things like poplar in the bin or get the poplar texture when it’s planted.

  10. I guarantee that the "why didn't you" and "you could" comments comes from a certain generation. I'm not saying which one but you know who you are. They have lost the ability to communicate intelligently. I blame social media, smart phones, and the educational system.

  11. I'm loving this series. Thank you for the inspiration to try a run at playing self sufficient. Ps I've found 4 nuggets so far. 1 you haven't picked up yet if you would like a hint

  12. Keep em coming Mr SP.
    Idea 💡 small tractors 🚜 JD stay away mini series stuff with mower on front and cultivator 2.5m fits in 2m gap on da back. It works bud ! I do it !! For your graps!!
    Stay safe 🙏


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