FS22 | THE WESTERN WILDS | 13 | ROCK STAR! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


WOOD PELLETS TOO! FS22 | THE WESTERN WILDS | 13 | ROCK STAR! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: ALiEN JiM. I need stones! Stuart’s Bowl is near here and I intend to capitalise on it (Go with It!). Then I add to our growing productions with another wood based building.

Seasonal Growth is OFF.
Weeds are OFF.
Normal economy?
1 day months.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

Mods used:
Front Lifter By: Peppe978,
LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT + Vehicle Shelter Metal By: Blacksheep Modding,
Multifruit Buying Station + TLX 3500 Series + 20ft Gooseneck Trailer By: 82Studio,
Hobo Farmhouse Pack + Open air Garden + Pallet Storage + Farm Production Pack By: Oma Tana,
Liebherr TL 436-7 By: KRKZ-modding,
Toolbox + Sell Everything By: Schultz Modding,
Fiatagri 180-90 By: Peppe978-Fsi Group (Too noisy!),
Placeable Log Bridge By: Cazz64/OAG,
Farm Supply Pack + Grass Drying By: The Lort,
Slurry Yard By: MISSYB,
Adurante R200A By: DD ModPassion,
Lizard F100 By; Farm Centro Sul,
Light Weight + Lizard Personal Lighting + Lizard Liquid Tankers By: Mantrid,
Fiat 1000/1300 DT Super + Mack R By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding Sur),
Mobile Wood Sellpoint + Liftable Pallets And Big Bags By: Jos,
Lizard Forage Pickup By: FluffyMods,
Buyable Manure By: MichalLS,
GVS 6U By: RusAgroTeh,
Lizard Loader 863 with Shovel + Kockerling Jockey 600 By: ARM-Team,
Fliegl Lowloader Pack By: HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau,
Lizard AD 7000 By: Langreomodding,
HW80 Wood Trailer By: Kamilos0397,
Stationary Woodchipper + Storage Shed for Products On Pallet + Sawmill By: ZoddelZockt,
Digestate Fertiliser Factory By: FarmCat,
John Deere 4755-4955 By: AAA modding,
Chicken Transport Crate By: macktrucker921,
John Deere 2280 By: SleutjesModding,
John Deere 1113 By: Erik Isac/Adriano Ivankio/Agro Mods,
Vaderstad Tempo VTP V8/FH2200 By: GIANTS Software,
BGA Methane Pack By: erShaba,
Hessian Farm By: BERNIE MW,
Bridge Set By: Razak,
Animated Shed Pack + Placeable Objects Pack By: ALiEN JiM,
Lizard 560 By: North Modding Company,
980K Wheel Loader By: genamsk,
Packing Facility By: CookieCat,
Decorative Rock Pack By: OlaHaldor,





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  1. Why is farming trees not farming? How many farms now run a farm shop? One of our local farms has mixed arable and livestock, a farm shop, on site butchery, home delivery and a seperate B2B subsiduary for the catering industry.

  2. Mr Sealyp always Love your video's Keep up the great work. ALiEN JiM Always does a awesome job. I've recently just started Western wilds and it is great. I'm a Heavy equipment operator with about 16 years in mining IRL and Stewart's bowl is a wonderful representation of blasting a bench in mining industry. Accept there is no flame sorry 🙁 . The 980K is a wonderful machine and even with a oversize bucket doesn't require extra weights but we do run with fluid in the rear wheels. So how I'm doing the gold processing is having stone delivered to a stock pile. (I wish the silage clamp would let you dump stone in in there that's a way we store stone IRL at a landscaping Yard). And leasing trk and trl plus cost of buying stone represents actual cost IRL for 100,000 L of stone. Farm on

  3. Love all of Alien Jim's maps, and love the content you put out MrSealyP. Sadly can't like or comment when watching the videos on the TV, so when you asked for likes I pulled out my phone and did it on there. Hopefully you get the 2k you deserve!

  4. Here we go again……. If he's not clear felling without a permit……… he's destroying historical site with a jackhammer……………seriously Mr P have you no shame………..

  5. Hello mrsealyp hope you see this comment, with being said I thought it was funny the way you mentioned my home town of Gettysburg PA gave me a good chuckle. Love your videos

  6. Mr Sealy P idea for the found gold nuggys money 💰. You said charity. Why not build a park for the kids. We have all kinds of placeables now lol Jim and his 100+ . Side note I fund it so interesting to hear the differences in the usa vs UK English pronounceation or names of things. Like Methane I have always heard it as meth-ane as you call it me-thane. I find it neat. Thank you Mr Sealy P for making videos.

  7. Hey Mrsealyp loving the series, started my own game save on this map because of the series keep it up! Those open air greenhouses will you get more production/output if you activate all options of one crop or just or just one of the fertilizer options. Thanks

  8. Mr P I have xbox series x and had the problem with options not being on the list like open cover etc. I have never used that trailer you use. If I detach then reattach the tool then all the options show up again.

  9. I'm from southern USA and around here we'd tell them they can't see it from their house same here they dont like it tell em not to watch we very happy with what you do Mr. SEALYP

  10. I had stop using that trailer as it's constant moving annoyed me.
    Loving the series and that sawmill is insane.

    I did put a quarry in at the North of the map.

  11. Huge appreciation for the amount of set up work you do for thease lets Plays MrSealyP.
    Thanks so much for always pushing on and doing so much effort.
    You always bring Joy and conference.

  12. Farming doesn't stop at just farming. I'm not a farmer but I don't grow my own fruits, veggies ect. And own a decent chunk of land. It never stops. There's always something to do. And these farmers own thousands of acres of land. Smaller farmers own a couple hundred. It never stops. Downing trees, fire wood, moving rocks, boulders. It all comes with owning land. And it never stops

  13. Farming isn't just going back and forth in the field. I have to cut the trees out of the fence to keep my cattle out of the field until I've baled the hay. I can cut the trees, move the fence, and pull the stumps, and expand my fields. I'm a rancher, but that doesn't stop me from selling cedar stays (fence posts), and I also don't have a problem selling gravel from my gravel pit.

  14. Hi Mr sealy p your videos are great apart from your map tour have you tried the cow farm like you say its crazy I've done six days on that map it's near impossible to keep all the cows fed I the six days I've gone through so much tmr I had to get a multifruit silo just to try and get things under control I would say this is a great multiplayer map but on your own is a real struggle I'm trying out the packing factory mod too so got rid of pig pens and made a production area for everything I'm enjoying it just a lot of work keep up the good videos


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