FS22 | THE WESTERN WILDS | 12 | BUDGET CUTS! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


A NEW BUSINESS! FS22 | THE WESTERN WILDS | 12 | BUDGET CUTS! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: ALiEN JiM. With our new lumber monster needing constant feeding and clearing, I buy a new plot and a new, cheap tree harvester. Is it up to the task at hand? February sees a new venture being set up!

Seasonal Growth is OFF.
Weeds are OFF.
Normal economy?
1 day months.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

Mods used:
Front Lifter By: Peppe978,
LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT + Vehicle Shelter Metal By: Blacksheep Modding,
Multifruit Buying Station + TLX 3500 Series By: 82Studio,
Hobo Farmhouse Pack + Open air Garden + Pallet Storage + Farm Production Pack By: Oma Tana,
Liebherr TL 436-7 By: KRKZ-modding,
Toolbox + Sell Everything By: Schultz Modding,
Fiatagri 180-90 By: Peppe978-Fsi Group (Too noisy!),
Placeable Log Bridge By: Cazz64/OAG,
Farm Supply Pack + Grass Drying By: The Lort,
Slurry Yard By: MISSYB,
Adurante R200A By: DD ModPassion,
Lizard F100 By; Farm Centro Sul,
Light Weight + Lizard Personal Lighting + Lizard Liquid Tankers By: Mantrid,
Fiat 1000/1300 DT Super + Mack R By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding Sur),
Mobile Wood Sellpoint + Liftable Pallets And Big Bags By: Jos,
Lizard Forage Pickup By: FluffyMods,
Buyable Manure By: MichalLS,
GVS 6U By: RusAgroTeh,
Lizard Loader 863 with Shovel + Kockerling Jockey 600 By: ARM-Team,
Fliegl Lowloader Pack By: HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau,
Lizard AD 7000 By: Langreomodding,
HW80 Wood Trailer By: Kamilos0397,
Stationary Woodchipper + Storage Shed for Products On Pallet + Sawmill By: ZoddelZockt,
Digestate Fertiliser Factory By: FarmCat,
John Deere 4755-4955 By: AAA modding,
Chicken Transport Crate By: macktrucker921,
John Deere 2280 By: SleutjesModding,
John Deere 1113 By: Erik Isac/Adriano Ivankio/Agro Mods,
Vaderstad Tempo VTP V8/FH2200 By: GIANTS Software,
BGA Methane Pack By: erShaba,
Hessian Farm By: BERNIE MW,
Bridge Set By: Razak,
Animated Shed Pack By: ALiEN JiM,
Lizard 560 By: North Modding Company,





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  1. Yeah distributing on for silage, digestate, and green houses for sure. Also the Multifermenter runs through grass for silage even faster than the new saw mill for planks its insane.

  2. I think with the selling digestate and buying fertilizer vs turning it into fertilizer is hitting close to the debate of realism versus playing how you want. Do not take this the wrong way or as criticism, because I have no issues with it and you should and do play how you like.

    The selling of digestate relies on a placeable which pays a insanely high amount for digestate; and the 5000l pallets for 1k are insanely under priced. This is the convenience, find the best mods to do things as cheaply as possible and optimize that way. A fine way to play, if that is your goal.

    The conversion of digestate to much less solid fertilizer is probably not realistic, I guess this is not how it is made. But you are turning it into something more useful, something easier to use and that saves you time. That is kinda optimizing the process in a more realistic way (with the caveat that it may not always be realistic, but can at least feel so).

    So in the end it depends what you want to do. If you like the idea of self sufficiency, then convert the digestate and take the financial hit. It is not as if you are struggling financially in the series, or are likely to. Selling digestate is not going to be a main business line for you. If you wanted to go full in on the self sufficiency, see roughly how much fertilizer you need to make per year, make that much, store it, and then sell the rest of the digestate you do not need for yourself. This is what I would do, it is some kind of happy medium I guess.

  3. Top tip for picking up grass…use the forage pick up mod on the front of your tractor, with a big trailer on the back (I use the semi trailer from 82 studio on a dolly 200 thousand litres or so) so much easier and quicker than a forage wagon!

  4. 💟 Great video sir. Love the fact you chose to get the TLX and use the different backs for it. What a cool idea! Gives us all a chance to check it out to know whether or not we might want to do the same. Your farm is coming along nicely!! It's so much fun watching it grow. Watching your videos gives me all sorts of ideas for the maps I play. With all the great mods coming out lately, there's just no stopping you! Keep up the great work sir. Take car. Hugs to all and treats for FarmDog.

  5. Hi MrSealeyP , First off I would like to say how much I love your posts, being new to Farming simulator with FS22 What an amazingly realistic Sim it is, until now , we seem to have entered the realms of Fantasy and Alchemy , since when can you make gold with stones, methane and water. I can't believe you are thinking of doing this but worry about loading pallets by hand, please think again for the sake of realism if nothing else.

  6. There is a water fill point at the bio gas plant, drive in past the methane load point and go straight to the fence and it is there, when i used it, it was free. But i have not done the update. For some fun, get the motor bike go to the view where you are riding the bike and line yourself up with a spot on the rocks near the shop, gun it and enjoy. Enjoy all your videos and also very much enjoying this lets play, cheers.

  7. I had the same thing happen for the wool shed where they won't spawn on the outside, so I just quit putting any more in it and waited till I had my spinnery and set it to distribute.
    Once it's empty I'll delete it and place another one, see if that fixes it.

  8. Sorry MrSealyP but you worry about using the lift able pallets mod because you think it’s cheating but you happily justify using a saw mill which produces 3 times as many pallets in 1 hour than the standard one does in a day! Are you serious 😡

  9. I know people can play anyway they want and it is great to see you obviously having fun. The pretence that you have any economic constraint is not in my view helping the story. I think I would find it easier to watch if you simply gifted yourself $20m and stopped referencing cost completely. Just make the story about the variety of mods and how they can interact. For the first time I find myself fast fowarding through this series when I usually watch them in full. Just my tuppence worth. 🙂

  10. Random thought here, but why not disconnect the trailer, get the biggest set of forks that will carry the weight and lift the entire trailer over the sell point? Not sure which mods might pull of the horsepower and height needed, but I know I'm crazy enough to try it 🤣

  11. Trust me just use the mulitfruit buy all mod to get your stones …you will pay a ton on repairs constantly plowing…..learned the hard way , also have a tele handler ready because those pallets are heavy!! Thanks for the vid!!


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