FS22 | ROCKS ‘n’ ROLLING: NEW… Ground working tools and textures in FS22! INFO SHARING.


FS22 | ROCKS ‘n’ ROLLING: NEW… Ground working tools and textures in FS22! INFO SHARING | Farming Simulator 22. GIANTS Software. A look at, and chat about some more information and visuals that have been released in the Blog post released on 6th October 2021. What do we know? What can we tell? What might we expect? With me… MrSealyp.


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  1. I was critical at first of how the game looked but I can’t lie the more they reveal the more it does seem like they have actually changed/added a lot of things and is impressing me more. I just hope that it doesn’t actually look so plastic on launch (ironically they even typed plastic instead of vivid 😂) . Also a lot of those new textures are very similar. I can see a lot of confusion happening as to what state your field is in 😂

  2. In certain landscapes when developing fields the stone within the field becomes the walls round the field. In other landscapes the wall stones have to be quarried and transported. Walls have some good properties (shelter and retention for animals)and some bad.(turning machinery) but most walls where built before machinery and in areas where stone is readily available (hills and mountains) Note for mods , using field stone to build walls?

  3. We roll the fields. We do this in Saskatchewan when we are growing peas or lentils because you have to harvest them close to the ground as they are a short plant. We pick the larger rocks but press the small ones down in the dirt so we don’t get them in the combine.

  4. Some really interesting stuff here, really good to see Giants is expanding on the whole ground state mechanics side of things! I do like that "stones and rocks" can be turned off, I do worry that that feature could end up like base game weeds from FS19.. poof suddenly your whole field is now full of rocks, but on the flip side it does also seem like the picking / rolling mechanic actually better prepares the seed bed at the same time so that's not as bad!

    That bit if news about mulching is interesting too, especially the forestry part that will let you mulch bushes and presumably other non-grass growths (wild flowers, brush, non-field weeds, etc). Since that coding is built into the game I'd expect to see a good share of flail mowers and other brush cutting mods come out for all platforms in the future!

    Great stuff! Thanks for the rundown MrSealyP!

  5. Love these new features. Mulching to save on fertilizers, picking stones to have something to do waiting for seasons to pass, rolling fields that finally works in game 🙂
    Slight confusing with the new ground textures with some of them to similar, but will have to wait to see how it actually looks in game 🙂

  6. Wow, this is some ground breaking stuff. A real game changer. FS22 is shaping up to be a good upgrade over 19. Thanks for taking the the time to talk about the updated information. Always enjoy your mod reviews and news videos.

  7. Thanks mr Sealy P great review as usual. FS22 is getting more enticing week by week I’m really looking forward to its release. It seems we’re all going to be busy as it’s suggesting more things to do and different methods of going about it. Not to mention the learning curve.😃


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