FS22 | NEW MODS! | CHEAP WORKSHOP! (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 3rd December 2021.


FS22 | NEW MODS! | CHEAP WORKSHOP! (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 3rd December 2021. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Small Stational Workshop Trailer + John Deere Slice Weight By: Kamilos0397, Composite Machinesheds By: VertexDezign/Niggels, Krone EasyFlow 380 S By: Kyosho & Köckerling Vector 460/620 By: VertexDezign.


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  1. crazy that mods arrive:
    Autoloads of all kinds of things. A map that I really liked was Estancia lapacho. Trailers of unreal large capacities like 300,000. TLX. Big bags XXL. Roadrunner. Faster packing machines. Harvesters with more capacities. You can tell I don't ask for much hahaha..I hope some mods come where I can eliminate the trees instantly since they steal my patience😂😂😌 as in F19 the lizard Trex600..and it would be great that the computer mods also come out on ps4 and other consoles so that we can all enjoy!..

  2. Hi, do you know how to sell unwanted buildings that you own? They are not listed anywhere? Also have you noticed that in the download page there is no icon for maps, does this mean no free nodded maps in future??? Cheers.

  3. Downloaded those mods today and after that honey pallets started to spawn inside the ground just wondering does anyone else have this issue?.. thou it also started to spawn honey pallets on top of each other if you let them be in the spawn zone

  4. I just noticed that the recent PS4 system update messed up the heavy equipment side panel functions on FS22. Almost nothing works anymore. But it still works on FS19 (PS4). Can you check it out and make a video on the subject please.

  5. I like the idea of the multifruit supply station, but I don't like the 33% markup very much. :/
    I just have to weigh the convenience against the cost currently cost is winning (on pig food at least)
    Edit: Did my calculation correct, used wrong numbers… the number by the quantity on the buy screen in the shop is the extra cost, not total. 🙂
    So it's more like 16% markup… much better for the convenience.

  6. Totaly 100% disagree with you, I have stopped playing this game not because I'm bored because it's broken, I totally understand you playing it its your job as a content creator, but for me who paid over £70 and have zero chance of getting a refund I'm absolutely disgusted with the dev team, and your attitude to the game is "ow well never mind" is also infuriating grow a pair and say what you really think, stop being a GIANTS Software yes man.

  7. do we know the actual differences in the 'cultivators' now… meaning the ones not in FS19 like mulchers, spaders. And any idea what crassland care rollers do? Haven't really played around with them.

  8. I know this is a mod video but I've searched around online and can't find anything on this; the mini map in FS22 doesn't update like it does in FS19, meaning that it doesn't show Fertilizing, cultivated, etc. etc. This is really bugging me as to why this is a thing now.

  9. Hi. Just a quick tip for gear changing. If you hold accelatator and push down on your left analog stick. It will swap you into forward or reverse without having to go through the gears. Handy for powershift tractors where you havr alot of gears. Happy farming everyone.


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