FS22 Fact Sheet Friday – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – New Holland TK4 80
1:23 – Landini REX 4 GT
2:58 – Fendt 200 V Vario
4:22 – New Holland Braud 9070L
5:44 – Previous Fact Sheets
6:42 – Weekly Giveaway
8:24 – Preorder & Release Date
8:59 – Questions?
9:17 – Outro

Giants Software have released the 7th set of fact sheets for Farming Simulator 22, showcasing new vineyard machines and a very different power source than we are used to! If you are unfamiliar with what fact sheets are, they are a collection of data on a specific piece of equipment or machine, which will give you an idea of what to expect once the game is out!

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  1. I'm really curious why ots important for us to know the weight of the stuff. Are they going to make hauling stuff more realistic per vehicle/trailer setups? Soil compaction adjusted?

  2. 5:54 I just realised on the Fendt you can see in the cabin there is a screen and although it comes standard in them I don’t believe it was included in the FS19 version which leads me to believe perhaps we will be getting built in bale counters etc where if you attach a baler it will switch to a bale counter if you attach a trailer it will show the current capacity, if you attach a cultivator it will show if it’s unfolded and lowered etc and with a seeder it will show unfolded, lowered, turned on or off and the capacity of seed and fertiliser and things like that I think would be really neat to see in the game!

  3. The methane powered tractor looks like an interesting idea, but a little bit like the ske electric it's so small and doesn't seem to have a front loader attacher that I honestly don't know what I'd use it for. It would be very interesting to use a little methane powered tractor to do work with your cows because they're the methane producers it would be a closed system.

    It would be interesting if the devs added a carbon emissions stat to the overall stats screen so anyone who was interested in trying to minimize that would be able to challenge themselves.

  4. What's so unique about methane/propane power? Seriously, I work with a propane forklift, there is nothing unique except the hype. Cool your jet's y'all, they're beginning to melt.


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