PATCH 1.2 IS LIVE! FS22 | LOADS OF NEW (GAMECHANGING) CONTENT & FEATURES! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at the new content and what additional features patch 1.2 brings! Has your issue been fixed? Will workers cost less now? Will grain contracts now complete? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. That Vervaet was amazing! I was around farming back in the mid '90s in the US and there wasn't ANYTHING like that. I recently read a PCGamer post about how the new farm machinery is like spaceships, and after seeing that transformation, I've gotta agree!

  2. anybody play on Xbox one or xobox series x or series s having issues with the some mods you download don't show up in the game ??????????? I'm playing on xbox one and I cant get most mods to show up when you search under mods in the game saved file I play on in elm creek I've tried different maps different file, difficulty nothing worked. stupid giants says we cannot answer you at this time please do this on PC I DONT HAVE A DAM PC , I told them I'm doing it on console and they don't answer my dam question , I need help why don't the mods show up in the game ??

  3. I got a problem were the harvester, if you have on AI, just goes wild after it reaches 80% capacity. Is there something that can be fixed or is it a bug that i need to wait to be fixed?

  4. The G on the Krone GX stands for General Purpose. Part of their advertising is the ability to load anything including pallets on the trailer. I have seen pictures and videos of farmers loading bales into trailers, but this is pretty novel.

  5. not sure if you know this or if other know this but I have found that with the license plates if you go down to the color selection and then push right on the D-pad it takes you to the numbers and symbols when doing the type 2 plate

    now if only the truck axles didn't fight each other when under load 🤣

  6. Personally, the fact that they removed our ability to hand lift chicken egg pallets has completely ruined the game for me, tbh. I now strongly regret ever buying the game. Using a forklift is just too much manual labor for me. I could understand on an RP level. but there isn't even an option to enable hand lifting crates and you can't auto sell them either? Sheesh, cut me a break somewhere! Maybe a snap point similar to that of the way that the the "big bags" work… fork it and get close enough and pop! trying to fenagle pallets just so, so on a trailer with a forklift is for the birds. FR! It's ultimately a simulator, it shouldn't be transformed into an exatolator. LoL… After all, i feel I could safely assume that for alot of people, there is such thing as, too much realism.

  7. I think they changed the harvesting contract delivery requirements. I tried sending 60% of my product and it just told me 64% delivered so I had to hire the train again to deliver the rest…. Might want to test that.

  8. Hallo mr p i cant play pallet sim it’s so clunky with no autoload cant even Pick up egs anymore by hand cant stack it on Ps5 and it take forever straps dont work right it’s a nightmare and there is pallets alle over to Pick up


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