FS22 Game Patch, First Autoload Trailer, NML Update! | Farming Simulator 22


New Mods & Mod Updates FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
Game Patch – First Autoload Trailer, NML Update!

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Update Patch
0:58 – Bergmann Carex 370 S
1:45 – Randon Dumper
3:02 – Güttler PW640
3:38 – Kverneland Qualidisc
4:30 – Pitchfork
5:04 – ACS Weight Pack
5:48 – Christmas Tree
6:13 – Meridian Storage
8:00 – No Mans Land
10:08 – Rolland Pack
11:46 – Silage Silo Pack
12:01 – MoreTrees
12:34 – More Productions
13:09 – More Animals
13:49 – Store Deliveries
15:29 – Chopped Straw
15:49 – Orkel TX 130
16:10 – Mega Bale Stack
16:24 – Outro

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  1. does giants have something against autoloaders? because none of mine and seems like a lot of other people also wont work for them. i have like 5 different trailers and none of them work

  2. It sucks that this isnt on consoles because loading with the forklifts takes so goddamn long that I dont even want to bother with shipping my own goods anymore.

  3. Weird I didn't get no update on Xbox the funny thing is I'm still having trouble with mods I'll go to download them they'll get to 100%, then I go back to zero then back to 100%, then back to zero and half the time none of the mod pictures or descriptions even load so they did not fix the mod issues on Xbox

  4. While I read that the latest patches are problematic, my Steam version still shows v1.1. I have automatic updates turned on. Can anyone tell me how to get the 1.2.x patch on Steam? Is deployment on Steam just delayed?

  5. So I’m a little curious now. How many productions can we have on one map and how many animals we can have. Would you possibly be able to make a video on that, DJ? Or we can ask Driver53. 😉 Again thanks for all you do! 🙏

  6. More pens w difrent animals please. I don't play farm sim to bake cakes. How about fixing the horses to race, buck and catch wild cattle up in the hills, ravines and briars. Now THAT wud be a great mod! It wud add value to the horses and encourage fans to ride them. Also, other animals wud be more realistic than factories. I think, perhaps GIANTS is losing sight of the importance of animals on a farm. Maybe it's just me tho. Lol


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