FS22 | FLEXIBLE NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 12th January 2022.


16 Piece BAVARIAN FARM PACK! FS22 | FLEXIBLE NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 12th January 2022. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Hydrant Water By: Piesel, Placeable Filling Stations By: AtzeVR, Total Mixed Ration Pack By: Pascal Kautz, Stoll Frontloader Pack By: Niklge, Samson SP14/17
By: Kamilos0397, Krampe Bandit 750 By: Greenstar3876, Kaweco Radium 245
By: Schnibbl Modding, Bavarian Farm Pack By: BERNIESCS, Lindner Lintrac 130
By: AgrarDesignAustria & JCB Workmax 800D By: WhiteBull Modding.


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  1. I built the cow barn this morning… took me ages to try and get a silage bale to be accepted… put some hay in, that worked..
    then when i eventually looked in the animal section when hitting options.. D’oh.. Barvarian’s don’t know what silage is for..🙃

  2. Great job as always MrSealyP! Is it just me or does it seem like we're being drip fed the mods? Also did anyone else have issues with the Bavarian Fam Pack? I never had any game crashes until I downloaded it, had 2 of the items placed, was trying to place a 3rd then completely locked me out of the game 😡 I feel you're pain MrSealyP!… Keep up the great work! 👍

  3. Just tried the hay loft from the bavarian farm pack, useless is an understatement! You can't tip inside the building as the trigger points are too far inside meaning anything other than a small 12-20L trailer hits the roof and stops unloading….. ???

  4. The 82 studio buying silo has completely borked prices. If you want, you can play trucker simulator, spending all day buying from there and transporting it to a sell point to make a handsome profit. WTF do some people dont understand that things are always sold for higher prices than they are bought.

  5. I truly Love watching your new mod release reviews you show us how everything works an if there a troubles with the mod you let us know I play on PC but your reviews are a lot more detailed.
    Keep up the excellant work. Truly entertaining with massive detail. Thank You.👍

  6. Interesting feature added in 22: if you look under the prices tab it shows you the buying price for fill types as well as the sale price, so no more filling trailers and doing math to find prices from buy anything points!

  7. l love this game, but it won't stop crashing on me. I, ve tried reinstalling it rebooting the console deleting mods, and everything else that's been suggested. I'm playing on Xbox one XS. I give up

  8. I really like your videos, they are very useful for me. I'm very new to this game, FS22 on PS4 Pro. I'm sorry, but I have no clue what this "slots" is, that you're talking about?! And where do I find and download this mods?

    Best regaards, Fredrik, from Sweden.

  9. Great review, MrSealyP! Definitely some interesting mods trickling through now, I really like the design of that Bavarian pack among other things!

    Funny when that loud sound happened near the end I wasn't sure if we were going to see the helicopter or that boomerang silage roller you had a few mod reviews ago which launched itself on a self-propelled voyage into the unknown! 😁


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