FS22 EXCLUSIVE GAMEPLAY #2 | Manual Gearshift & Harvesting Grappes ! (FARMING SIMULATOR 22)


Hello this is our second gameplay on FS22 at the Giants Software studios.
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In this video we play at Farming Simulator 22 with a steering wheel.

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  1. I can't say I'm happy about the work Giant have put into this game.. To me it just looks like a re-skin of FS19..
    I had hoped for dynamic ground, were you have dynamic mud, gravel with small rocks flying when driving on loose gravel, dust particles flying off the ground, and the exhaust having a more realistic look.. Like when a tractor cold starts, you have the exhaust lingering in the air for a while, and you create a "fog line" after the tractor while moving.. Idk, maybe I demand too much.. But if you take a look at another game like professional farmer, you could see the tires sink into the ground, the mud acted more realistic when you drove In to it.. But even they couldn't do it, so now we don't have it anymore.. But Giant, should have been able to make it happend.. It looks like they just reskinned the different layers of the game, and added some small changes to the smaller things..

  2. What is really stupid in all this is the way tractor gears are shifted lol,tractor is not a car,all this older tractors just have fast and slow range.
    In most cases gearboxes are with 3 speed on smaller tractors,and you can very easy start in second,even third gear if you dont have much weight,or if you driving just tractor without a trailer lol.
    You just drive in slow range(turtle) on fields and where you are working with implements and fast range(rabbit) on the road,and that's it.
    Shifting gears in a way car is shifted,one gear after another doesnt have sense on tractors because transmission and engines are build different.
    So much about realism…


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