FS22 | DELICIOUS NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 7th February 2022.


CHOCOLATE MUESLI! FS22 | DELICIOUS NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 7th February 2022. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Deco-Food By: LandDEV, Buyable Bales By: DD ModPassion, Raisins And Grapes Pallets By: CuratoFarms, Steyr Weight Pack By: AgrarDesignAustria, Diesel Station By: Kassa Farms, Slurry Shaft Package By: Razak, Concrete Manure Storage By: Didek96, Chocolate Muesli Factory By: [LSMT] Stefan, Hauer RK Basket And Stone Picker By: Glumpii/privatprivat, Fliegl ASS 298 By: LandDEV, Lizard Golf Cart By: FS Modding, Case IH Vestrum Series By: RedCat3D / Lukas2002, Case Optum CVX By: Didek96 & John Deere 7R Series 2018
By: Tarczi007.


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  1. We already had the Fliegl 298 ASS as a mod by Ls_agrar before. Strange that Giants releases a more or less identical mod twice. Now I need to compare them both to see which one has better options

  2. Tbh I actually appreciate the giants equipment being option through mods as after playing 19 for a year I was only using mods. I think it also keeps the load times down for older consoles.

  3. Nice mod review as usual. The thing that anouys the heck out of me is people calling kiwifruit a kiwi, which is a flightless bird, native to New Zealand, instead of a kiwifruit. A kiwifruit isn't a flightless bird native to New Zealand. Americans are the worst offenders in my opinion. Search kiwi on YouTube if you don't believe me

  4. I want a whiskey / bourbon factory, maybe a beer factory.
    A ketchup/ mayonnaise factory…
    So many possibilities with factory’s .
    I really hope on some superb AJ mods !

  5. I'm glad you brought up the steering wheel animation because that was something that has always bothered me a little bit. I'm not a fan of how fast the wheel turns. Small thing, I know. Thanks P!

  6. MrSealyp are u make videos for Snowrunner anymore………….that was a really great series…. would really love if u would show more content on Snowrunner. I love it!! have a wonderful day to u & ur family!!!

  7. What a good spread of mods to have for a Monday and a great review MrSealyP! I'm with you on the Giants mods, I could understand the time constraints so maybe they couldn't get all the FS19 content converted by the release date for FS22 but I do think there's a better way to distribute it now. Either integrated into the game as an update or at the very least group them together as free DLC packs.

    As for the rest of the mods, there are some nice looking new tractors and other things too. I'm really glad to see that food deco pack has come out now too!


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