FS22 CROSSPLAY IS COMING!! | INFO SHARING | Farming Simulator 22.


FS22 CROSSPLAY IS COMING!! | INFO SHARING | Farming Simulator 22. GIANTS Software. A look at, and chat about some more information and visuals that have been released in the Blog post released on 16 September 2021. What do we know? What can we tell? What might we expect? With me… MrSealyp.

FS22 First Gameplay Trailer:

FS22 Cinematic Trailer:

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  1. My biggest issue with issue with multiplayer isn't cross play its mods. When you go to join a server you could spend 20 minutes back and forth grabbing mods. There really needs to be a download all option.

  2. This is definitely a good move on GIANTS part. Especially how most games now are cross play/ becoming such. Granted, you’ll have certain restrictions in doing so. But, it’s a step in the right direction!

  3. What would be better is if you didn’t have to try and work out what mods you need to play with a friend. Wouldn’t it be easier if you tried to join a friend and it said “you don’t have these mods, you need them to join the game, would you like to download them all now?”…….

  4. Epic news indeed!! I'm really glad Giants have been able to pull this one off, not only does it bring the communities in general that bit closer together but also this could be the springboard for some exciting FSL news in the future too!

    Since console players will be able to connect with PC as well as renting their own servers, this could well be the begins of an expanded FSL that allows console players to be a part of possibly the best and most wholesome eSport out there!

  5. Hiya Mr Sealy . Long time .lol.
    Mmm. No real difference on cross play. As the all mods must be same. Not great. No auto or semi automatic mod download system. So again haste of download which mods separate. Or back to delete mods just to cross play either with or without cross play. . This is not good news. Very disappointed. Part of the problems is trying to get players to play with. . Who have same mods each time.. to tell you the truth. They'd would of just been better additional dlc..or maps. As I. Can't see mega Change to what console players get at moment. All rights see if d that want money . And stealing modders ideas. Etc who have over past while been able to bring console players better play. And items to us . Eg growing different vegetables and business as well as more machinery.. some modders bringing more details to maps etc . No point bringing cross play if can't get. Mod hub sorted to play even with consoles is hard enough. Even at that players can't be bothered with trying to download. Mods just to play with strangers for a nyt.. .

  6. This is good news. Thinking a little bit further along these lines… does that mean that maybe in FS22 consoles might finally be able to do 4X maps? I hope so… BTW, Paul, don't know about others, but this vid wouldn't play on my YT app on my PS4…


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