FS22 | CONSOLE SLOTS… 300% INCREASE!!! | INFO SHARING | Farming Simulator 22.


FS22 | CONSOLE SLOTS… 300% INCREASE!!! | INFO SHARING | Farming Simulator 22. GIANTS Software. A look at, and chat about some more information and visuals that have been released in the Blog post released on 9th November 2021. What do we know? What can we tell? What might we expect? With me… MrSealyp.


FS22 First Gameplay Trailer:

FS22 Cinematic Trailer:

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  1. Awesome they increase slots. It's gonna be more interesting to play with more different implements on some maps. I'm wonder how is ploughed field looks like on PS4?Looks like they avoid to show off this thing. Any mods ready for a FS22?

  2. As a late-comer to the Farming Simulator experience, I guess I am spoiled by the wealth of guides, information, and videos that I found to exist. I look forward to learning and playing FS22 along with everyone else. And with Mr Sealyp to help,

  3. This news on the expansion and optimization of slots for consoles is probably the biggest news released so far (at least from a PS5 perspective) I suspect the optimization should at least be helpful to PC players as well even if they don’t deal with slots. Now the only major piece that’s still hanging out there along these lines is going to be bale limits. Fingers crossed that these increase too so I’m able to stockpile enough bales to make it through a winter with a large cow farm. Great news Mr. S!

  4. Thanks for this update Mr. SP! Great news about the slot count. I play on PS5 and this will make sooooo much difference when you really get into a game and are using lots of equipment. Really hope Giants make a better job of the FS22 Mob Hub – the FS19 one is really showing it's age and seams to "crash" an awful lot now?! Keep up the stirling work Sir!

  5. I'm PC thru and thru but I am really stoked about this news. I love and own PS 1,2,3,4,5, for the simplicity and lack of Microsoft, Edge, etc etc. I may well be getting my new game on Playstation! Thanks for the heads up, MrSealyp. And good luck with the new platform.

  6. If I can find a ps5 I will get one .
    For the moment you only can get them new on second hand sites ( In Belgium). The prices are of the charts , 650 till 900 € !!
    I hope Sony can deliver soon before my ps4 give’s up .

  7. I think this is total bullshit, because in the future, they will not support the old gen consoles like many of us use, and we will be forced to buy a new console that costs 1k or $800. This is not helpful at all, just by telling by the old gen console slots from the "new" consoles, its a 2000+ slot difference!

  8. Is there no current generation consoles?
    There's previous generation and next generation. No current because of idiot bitcoin miners.
    This is why last year when the new stuff came out, I bought my kids plus instead. They cost 200 more with video cards and do way more.

  9. Fantastic bit of news this! Not only is this directly a massive improvement for all console players, but it also speaks volumes about what Giants are doing behind the scenes to improve and optimise the game for everyone!

  10. How will cross play between current and last gen consoles work with slots? Say for example, I'm on series S and I'm hosting a game for my friend who's on last gen. Will the slots be restricted to the lower amount for both of us or are the slots tied to the host console?


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