FS22 | ALL PRODUCTS + PRODUCTION PLANTS! | INFO SHARING | Farming Simulator 22. GIANTS Software. A look at, and chat about some more information and visuals that have been released in the Blog post released on 14th October 2021. What do we know? What can we tell? What might we expect? With me… MrSealyp.


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  1. Let's hope the final product pricing is directly tied to the cost of ingredients as they rise and fall so they fluctuate along with ingredients. I don't know how you could miss that step or why you would NOT do that but it is Giants after all.

  2. So looking forward to this. I imagine sugar beets are going to be a prime crop this edition, with all they can do. Also looking forward to production mods working together seamlessly now that everyone will be working with the same framework. No more "oh no, you've made the wrong kind of pallets" or just having the silliest of conflicts like that.

  3. Rubbish, totally unrealistic, Giants made up & shows how bad the they are at making a farming game, no slaughterhouse, no market no flake feed factory, no placeable in farm yogurt plant/factory, no basic farm shop that can be placed at the farm👎🏻

  4. These chains are imo a very good ide, However there is a VERY BIG IF involved here if players will actully use them or if this is gonna be a compleatly worthless system. The more complex the chain is there needs to be a very clear profit increase for each additional stage over just selling the base product. for example: for the greenhouse u only need water to produce lettuce, tomatos and strawberrys with water practicly free it´s pure profit apart from buying the building. But lets expand to Cake. U now need flour from the Grain mill that needs 1 grain crop to produce flour, strawberrys from the greenhouse, Egg´s from chickens, Suger from the sugermill that need sugercane or sugerbeats to produce suger and Butter from the Dairy that needs milk to produce the butter and all of that comes together to make Cake. The profit u get for selling that cake MUST be very clear and also noticably higher then what u would get by selling all of those raw products or intermidiate products combined. From the looks of it cake looks like the most complex chain and if it turns out that selling cake over the base products only nets u around let´s say 7-10% profit increase then it´s worthless becouse keep in mind that u must also spend money to buy each building in that chain. That being the Greenhouse, Dairy, Sugermill, Grain mill and Bakery and u also need Cows for milk and chickens for eggs. While we dont know the price of these buildings odds are that all of this combined and the needed equipment for all of this are gonna be REALLY expensive. I would imagen that u could buy lets say butter straight from the bakery just like the Global company mod but earning a clear and worth while profit needs to be possable while at the same time payback the money from buying the buildings. Buying all of this at the start or even after just a few hours is ofc not supposed to be done with legit earned money. But in the end when a player do have all of them for the chain a worth while profit still needs to be there or no1 apart from youtubers are ever gonna use them.

  5. Already preordered this with the season pass. Gotta have my Farming Simulator. I'm just so impatient… I want it now! I guess it's because so few good games have been released this year due to the pandemic. I'm soooo bored.


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