FS22 | CALMSDEN FARM | #9 | DAIRY QUEENS! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


MOOOOVING IN! FS22 | CALMSDEN FARM | #9 | DAIRY QUEENS! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: Oxygendavid. With a second silage baling contract complete and my silage clamp nearly fermented, it’s time for cows. Plus, I need to cut the grass field for the sheep too!

Seasonal Growth is OFF.
Weeds are OFF.
Normal economy?
2 day months.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

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  1. Regarding silage bales and fermenting: if you wrap grass bales from your own fields they need to ferment like the silage clamp, but if you are doing wrapped bales from a contract field they turn into silage immedeately. 😉

  2. mr Sp a small question. Ive found out how to remove stuff/gates and rubbish/pens etc but can we make openings in walls and hedges?? Because that wall opposite the silo is screaming out for a gate or even total removal Im on XB One.😁..I know we can get thru hedges without collision.

  3. Hi SealyP. To get rid of the trash on the farm, go into construction and demolish it, you'll get more room for bales or equipment. Loving the play through, keep on farming 🚜. I really hope Sussex Farm to come on FS 22.

  4. did oxygen david make candem farm map and if so the plow across from the cow barn is not collectable it does not give the option to collect but thats the last one i need to get my 100 collectibles to get them all and then the toy store happens

  5. Enjoying this lets play, great episode laughing watching you putting the bedding in as I had the same problem simple when you know how.
    That's what makes this map so good, the slight differences to doing jobs keeps the game fresh.

  6. Bales created in a contract go straight to silage but on your fields they have to ferment. On FS19 seasons they still showed as grass when selling contract bales and if you tried to sell the additional you had to wait for them to ferment.

  7. I believe the update is separate to the DLC. The update is due in the next couple of weeks, whereas the DLC is due at some point in March. Rumour Mill is suggesting the 22nd for the DLC, which would fit in with the FS22 theme. (JUST A RUMOUR THOUGH!!!!)

  8. The fact that the vehicles get clean from dirt in rainy weather in Farming simulator must be wrong from the very beginning, right? Because of this, you never have to wash the vehicles yourself with the high-pressure washer.


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