FS22 | CALMSDEN FARM | #10 | GRAVEL PIT! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


STONE AGE MAN! FS22 | CALMSDEN FARM | #10 | GRAVEL PIT! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: Oxygendavid. The second half of November sees the cows doing well and producing milk. I have ‘built’ a sell point and spinnery, so decided to use and sell all the cotton and wool we have on hand. I then turn my attention to the abandoned gravel pit/quarry to see if we can get some stones for the lime production crusher.


Seasonal Growth is OFF.
Weeds are OFF.
Normal economy?
2 day months.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

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  1. The issue with the bucket capacity vs ability to lift makes sense with the introduction of mass to materials for FS22. A JCB 419S is rated for a maximum bucket capacity of 1.6m3 and material density of 2178kg/m3, giving a lift capacity of 3484Kg. Loose rock is roughly 1625Kg per 1m3, so the bucket fitted would hold roughly 6912Kg.

    So, while it's frustrating when playing the game that it makes it harder to move large volumes of material, it is fairly accurate to real life. Really enjoy watching your lets play's MrSealyp

  2. I’ve built me a rather large gravel pit in Elm Creek. Learned how to use the slopping tool and I was able to dig deep down into a pit where I’ve offloaded tons of gravel. Soon I’ll put in a lime processor near the pit so the gravel can be loaded, taken out of the pit, and to the lime plant. I had the same issue with the wheel loader. What’s the point of matching a bucket with the wheel loader when you can’t even scoop up a full bucket of rock. Might have to wait till the excavator comes out.

  3. I found the modular BGA mod to be pretty complicated and I really appreciated your look at it and explanation of how it works….. I will use it, but I likely wouldn't have bothered without your review. Thank you.

  4. Great episode as always MrSealyP! you're some man for putting in the hours behind the scenes to get everything set up like you're gravel pit / quarry. Brilliant lets play as always! 👍

  5. Field 25 that you said you were expecting it to come up as a harvest contract wont come up for me either and it's been ready for 2 months (I'm playing 3 day months) Also for me field 19, showing as cultivated wont come up as a seeding contract, I'm in Nov and it's been that way since Aug. Keep up the great work, loving this lets play

  6. With the grain mill the recipes going in are all the same when you calculate the product in with the cycles. 18,000 product in per month. Oats give 22,800 flour back. Per month.

  7. Awesome episode and awesome dedication and pure determination using the “wheelie” loader to load the stone also regarding your mod review video and the platform auto load trailers… they do have straps when you choose non auto load configuration, and also those side impact bars are actually Ramps which is quite handy. Keep up the amazing hard work sir and a huge thankyou to you 👍🚜

  8. I had a contract to harvest oats from field 17 before the update, and the only delivery point was my own flour mill. I delivered over 200k litres of oats to complete the contract, but the oats were still there in my mill and was used to produce flour.

  9. A great 10th episode 👌🏽 congratulations on winning the lottery woop woop 😁 I absolutely love your story telling when you make your let's play videos, you are by far the best farming simulator youtuber out there and I look forward to many more episodes on Calmsden Farm, I'm over 200 hours on my farm so far and loving every minute of it 😁


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