FS22 | A GUIDE TO…GROUND WORKING! Pt1| Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5.


PART 1: FIELD PREPARATION! FS22 | A GUIDE TO…GROUND WORKING! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at Ground Working! What equipment do we need? What do we not need? What will increase yield? What will potentially decrease yield? What adds immersion? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. I prefer your method of explaining and learning with you as you make vids, I do not like the guys who do everything off line and then post the video. keep up the great work. Question though if you mulch and then use direct drill will that give us 2 fertilizer states

  2. I used to go with my dad on school holidays when he was working on a farm…this is back 1995 or so. None of the ploughs I see here are familiar except that extreme ground ripper type. Where's just the normal disc? We used a John Deere 4440 with a big disc having a pair of fold-out wings. I don't see anything like that here. Wow, how things have changed.

  3. I believe the reason why you didn't get a 2nd fertilizer application when you tried the direct drill(with fertilizer) is that because the direct drill seeder gave you a fertilizer state itself. The fertilizer in your seeder, as it was in fs19, is that the game uses the fertilizer 1st before the seed. So the game wouldn't give you the 2nd fertilizer applied. You need to change the field state. The field states are 1)fertilizer 2)Lime 3)Seeding 4)Plowing 5)Cultivating 6)Plant growth.

  4. hello mr sealyp…wat you need to do is spray lime in that field…then spray liquid manure in that field en then you go cultivated or plowing that field…..after that you put there seeds and fertiliser in the seedmachinery……normaly everything is finish….so no more spray again fertiliser on the field no need to do that…..because the field is already 100 % mesting…thats all wat you need to do…..we are real farmers and know how to do this job….we working more then 40 years in farming…so now you know it how to do your job….have nice day farmers…

  5. I discovered a bug. If you use the mulcher and then you try to use a
    combo equipment cultivator+seeder, it doesn't works. You have to
    separate the cultivator from the seeder for make it works.

  6. If you look closer at the seeder´s they seem to have some sort of tines/discs to prepare the ground from ploughed to cultivated before the actual seeding part comes into action, whereas most of the planters do not unless they are direct drill.

  7. I've been using the Spirit R 300S seeder (giants mod, but was base game in 2019), and there only has seeding capability, no fert, but i still got a fert stage from direct drilling..

  8. The seeders all have issues, the Nordstrom ns3030, amazone central 3000, kuhn venta 4030 and kuhn btfr 6030 all have a power harrow on them. They should be able to cultivate and seed at the same time but they don't. You can disconnect the seeder and use just the power harrow to cultivate and then reattach the seeder to sow. But it doesn't work together. So disappointed in this game. It's like giants didn't check to see if anything worked at all. Just copied stuff over from fs19.

  9. From what I've seen, and I think someone else noticed it in a video.

    The roller doesn't give you the bonus is used for puching the stones, it only gives it you if you roll after you seed the field.
    Best thing to do for yeild boost seems to be:
    Mulch the field
    Plow and Lime if needed
    Use the Stone Picker to get stones and skip the Cultivator, or Cultivate if there isn't any stones
    Seed the field
    Then use the Roller
    And then the fertiliser and keeping eye on weeds as normal


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