HOW TO GET STARTED! FACTORY FUNCTIONS! FS22 | A GUIDE TO… PRODUCTION CHAIN BASICS! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at the NEW Production Chains. How do they work? What do I need to do? What do the options mean? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. Omg you answered my question in the first five minutes of the video 😂 totally forgot how to make the pallets spawn 😂 been focused on just playing old school farm sim plow plant harvest sell and repeat thank you Mr sealyp for your straight forward informative videos

  2. How many pallets will each place hold for you, if you have it set on store? Would have to keep an eye an it and move the pallets or will it store all the pallets. Also is there a place to buy the ingredients if I don't have them IE straw berries ect. Cant wait for part 2.

  3. I've never played this series before, but it looks fun…this production chain bit reminds me of Transport Fever 2…start at the end, then work your way backward; get the bakery, then the mill, then ship from the farm kind of thing so all the buildings know where to send stuff. Looks fun!

  4. Is there a way to remove materials from a factory? In my case I won't make cake for a very long time so I'd like to remove the eggs that get delivered to the bakery (from the warehouse which has to be on distributing).

  5. I love this! I hope we get concrete and steel production added down the road. Concrete, Steel, and Lumber being needed for construction and expanding land. Would love to market those on a multiplayer platform. Would be cool.

  6. I think Giants should have some type of restaurant or pizza delivery as a production chain. It would utilize oil, flour, produce, cheese etc and could be used as a transport mission as well.

    The farm to table concept

    Just my thoughts 🚜

  7. Hi great channel I watch all your videos. Questions re production chains. Once you own a building I guess you don't get paid for goods you put in. So if you own the grain mill say what are the cost differences between the different grains. Wheat is cheap to sell say against sorghum but do you get the same amount of flour?

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  10. 3:23 When you buy a new production all types of production in that building start off activated. As you can see on your production page the barley oat and sorghum got a red dot next to it, that means it's active but got no materials. While it's active it will cost you money while producing nothing.
    So you should always deactivate whatever production you don't have any materials for.

  11. Cycles per hour is just how many times per hour the base resource is converted to the final product. Say 200 fabric becomes 47 clothes, 5 cycles an hour then you will get 235 clothes and use 1000 fabric in an hour. I haven't done any testing for accuracy but it seems like it's just a way to quantify the production rate.

    (I suck at math, so don't bother checking, it's probably wrong lol)


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