FS22 | A GUIDE TO… GREENHOUSES! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5.


JUST ADD WATER? GOLDMINES! FS22 | A GUIDE TO… GREENHOUSES! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at Greenhouses! What do they need?How much do they produce? Where do they fit in the Production Chains? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. Love watching your videos MrSealyP. I noticed you are picking the tomato and lettuce pallets by hand. I tried picking them up but it says object to heavy. Can you help me???

  2. My greenhouses barely produce anything. One will not produce at all! I chose the option to store the produce but it does not give me the product. They have enough water. Any tips ?

  3. Am I missing somthing? How are you able to pick the pallets up? I've got 6 large greenhouses producing 2 of each and for me it says the pallets are to heavy. Please help

  4. nowadays it seems like you need a forklift for everything… making everything a pain in the ass, these greenhouses especially, i just have no interest in them besides just instant selling.

  5. Got 5 large greenhouses, the water supply lasts me for a whole year (28 day calendar, normal pricing) and I fill the dry van semi trailer with more strawberry pallets than the others, careful though, too much wil cause the truck and trailer to lag and glitch (over 120 some pallets in the barn basement storage area) the auto selling helps a lot. Found that out today thanks to this and a few other of your vids.

  6. So what's the point of bothering with the harder jobs if you can just mass greenhouses, solar panels and trees and make easy money? Kind of ruins the game IMO. I went through a lot of trouble with crops and other things before realizing there's no need. Lol the devs obviously spent little to no time balancing this game. These easy cash grabs should give you a lot less cash than they do. It should be that the less work you have to do the less money you make, seems like common sense to design the game that way. I even planted a big grape vineyard but I get less money from that than I do from furniture, which is WAY less work (and I can't even get the AI to help with grapes). Why bother? Just pretend and use my imagination like a board game? "I wanna do grapes for the immersion" lmao. As soon as I have to start setting rules on myself to avoid tons of cheap things in the game it's kind of ruined…

  7. I know im little late for this but thing about truck is that apparently they are bugged right now and rear axle spins the other way than it should so we're waiting for big bug fix update. There is quite a few bugs in the game right now.


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