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NEW BALING SYSTEM! BALE LIMIT? FS22 | A GUIDE TO… ALL THINGS BALES! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at the NEW baling systems. What size bales do we have? What capacities are they? Do the bales degrade? What is the bale limit? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. So happy we can finally carry bales! Ahhh! That used to drive me absolutely insane in FS19… After doing bales irl most of my life and carrying bales… It was a feature we needed.

  2. You can wrap 1.25m/3500L or 1.5m/5500L bales with the Pottinger. It will also do 1.8m bales, but not wrap them. Kinda hope someone mods that in future. Big bales is wear the money is at. More liters per trailer. Or if someone makes an autoload semi trailer that would also be helpful. Hope there's no degradation, I have over 1,000 silage bales waiting to be sold in December at peak price

  3. If you make a video called "A GUIDE TO…ALL THINGS BALES!" , why is there nothing on collectors like the Albut Bale King. For people that are new to game and have no idea about them. I have been a big fan of all others that you have done but this left me just a bit disappointed.

  4. To be honest, if your baler doesn't have a pre-chamber, then the automatic unload is not a feature but a flaw, because if you don't stop at the right moment, it will put the bale onto your swath and you have to push it away for collecting the swath beneath – so it makes more work instead of saving some! What would be handy indeed for a non-pre-chamber baler is automatic door close after manually releasing the bale.

  5. Can’t understand why Anderson RBM2000 will pick up 180cm round grass bales but after wrapping them it says “this bale is not supported” even though the loader is empty. What about wrapping the bales stops it being supported?

  6. Thanks for the great videos they help a lot next question I have a xbox s and when I bought all different square bail wagons the only one I could get to work was the 3 bail one , the rest all said bale not supported. as well as the bail wrappers , it said bale not supported and I cant get them to work What am I doing wrong?

  7. Great video, in the silage section you mentioned the max for baler wrappers combo's were 3500L. I skimmed the comments and didn't see anyone mention this. Using the Pottinger Impress 185VC Pro you can increase the wrapped bale size to the 150cm size and get over 3500L in a silage bale (180cm selection will result in an unwrapped grass bale). If you look at the video at 3:23, you can see the specification for wrapped bales is 125-150cm, and for unwrapped 125-180cm. Just keep in mind that if you are bailing grass, the 125 and 150 cm settings will result in a wrapped bale, there is no option for grass bales other than 180cm. In my opinion this is a great feature because in FS19 I had a baler for grass bales and then my combo baler. Now I can do the same job with 1 machine.

  8. So much time wasted talking about mods, just say im not going to talk about mods at the beginning and then don't talk about them! Too long!

  9. Nice they figured a way to make builk vs bale handling and weights accurate. Wet stuff weights more but is harder to pack!
    Now it makes little sense to pick up straw with a forage wagon for example, but more sense to pick up wet grass.

  10. If you use the small square baler, and then pick them up with the bale loader, it will turn them in to a single block, so now you have 14 bales that's no longer counted as a bale, so you can go over tha bale limit as much as you want… I normally just make bales until the message about max bales comes up, then use the bale loader and gather the oness I have made, then jump back and continues to wrap more bales.. atm on my map I have about 4 or maybe even 5 times the amount of bales than what would ba normally since they all are in the block form they get from the small loader.
    Havent tried this with any other sizes since they need to be made into "another" type of block for this to work… So if a mod with the same type as the small loader that takes the other sizes I think we would be able to go past the limit with all types of bales.

  11. You dont tell us how to turn on the Pottinger Impress 185VC Pro… no matter what size I pick it wont wrap a bale, even though it has the wrapper on the back of the baler? How does this work.. Does this not work with straw maybe?

  12. As for bales, I have seen a few people ask what is the point of the small bales, especially if you are cutting a bunch of grass won't it make sense to just use a round baler or larger square baler that you can wrap.

    For me, I love using them for feeding sheep. Bale up a whole field of grass using the small baler, then use the bale loading wagon for small bales and it bundles them all together into a large bale. Dump that in the storage nook in the sheep pen right beside where you feed them. Cause you will have a single solid block, of all the mini bales that you can then cut open. It is perfect for keeping the sheep topped up, as you can have a stack of mini bales, and cut it open and just pull a couple out and toss them into the feed zone rather than having a massive bale parked on the top of it.

  13. I have a contract where I mowe a field and then bale and wrap … however at some point I changed bale size not knowing the wrapper would not accept them – can I cut them up again and bale them the correct size? 😳


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