FS22 | A ‘COMPLETE’ GUIDE TO… COWS! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5.


BUILDINGS, FEED MIXES & ROBOTS! FS22 | A ‘COMPLETE’ GUIDE TO… COWS! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at COWS! What equipment do we need? What buildings? What do we need to give them? Which breeds are for milk? Which breeds are for beef? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. anyone Have a recommended Age for Beef Cows to be sold? first time doing cows (not sure if they die at a certain age or if they go down in value past a certain age?) Only bit of information on cows I haven't been able to find. and I feel it can be quite important.

  2. i have worked in the farm myself so all of this isn't new. i was just here to find a answer as to what that grass meter meant. apparently cows like to eat DMR first then hay and then Grass and i was just looking to find any info on that apparently i can barely fit any DMR in my
    frecourseFeeding Trough.

  3. Hello! My cows are 59 months old and they go to 100% production and 70% reproduction and i feed them total mixed ration. But when a day passed their reproduction droped at 20% and production is now droping down too idk really why is it if someone cold help me? Thanks

    P.s I left room for the newborns.

  4. Alright, I did some testing, and here's what I found.

    Step 1. Grow grass.
    Step 2. Cut grass.
    Step 3. Wrap grass to make silage bales.
    Step 4. Sell silage bales.
    Step 5. Repeat 3 times a year.
    Step 6. Do this for 36 months instead of cows.
    Step 7. Realize GIANTS' true passion and dream is making a lawn mowing simulator with extreme bias.

  5. Did they nerf Milk price in new update? Before update i saw Milk going for over 3k/1000l and sold some 2,7k per 1000l, but yesterday i played almost full year and never saw Milk price going higher than 2,3k

  6. Great video. It really cleared things up for me as I'm new to cows.

    Did you find out if the game let's you use just silage and hay when it comes to making TMR? You said you may be able to leave it out (even though it asks for it – like the minerals)

  7. About Straw blower:

    You need to Drive trough.
    AND lower the the The Blow Pipe!

    Then the unload will Pop-up!!

    The Waggon hast to functions:
    1 lower and raise Back door
    2 lower and raise Blow Pipe

    The way you do IT from the outside ist Just working because you Blow the straw very far with the Angle of the Pipe.

    And in the inside IT only works If you lower it quite much.

  8. You installed the wrong manure pit. There are two manure pits available. The regular "manure pit" and the "manure pit add-on" (found in the build menu with the silo add-ons). Try using the "manure pit add-on", it should work.


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