FS22 4K | Day 21 | ELMCREEK ADVENTure | THE LIMEY! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


MY FIRST PRODUCTION PLANT! FS22 4K | Day 21 | ELMCREEK ADVENTure | THE LIMEY! | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: GIANTS Software. In this countdown to Christmas series I’m doing a start from scratch series. A few more contracts under my belt and a couple of weird days has seen me jump to the 21st December. I have decided to embark on a new venture!! The Limey arrives…

Seasonal Growth is OFF
Weeds are OFF
Normal economy

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries. Beyond By: Patrick Patrikios (YouTube Library).

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  1. Funny!! I also went to buy a chainsaw,and my game went fuzzy , unintelligible!! So I rest everything , tried again on no man's land to get chainsaw and pow outta focus again!! So keep up the great work Sealy we really appreciate you helping us out!!

  2. Ah perfect a rock crusher outside there house with the vibration of the machine it will work the nails loose there house so the house will slowly start 2 fall apart field flipping ehm sounds like something djgoham would do

  3. I was telling my brothers (who I played FS19 with and now play FS22 with) about the 8RX-nado on the mod video. The best part was when it came back while you were looking at the low-loader.

  4. Lets start with "Its not that complicated" 😛

    They have normalized it so there is a set amount of production cycles spread over an inn-game month. That way, everyone gets the same amount from any mods they allow (I shall remain neutral in regards to whether or not this is a fair change), and it can be calculated from the production screen. Think I saw it say somewhere around 480 cycles a month, which in turn means anyone using that mod gets 480×1000 stone turned into 480×4000 lime each month, which in turn of course, needs to be divided over days per month to show the actual value.

    For 1 day months – 480 cycles a month which equals 20 cycles an hour and would give you close to 80k lime per hour as long as you can manage to keep filling it with stones.
    For 28 day months – 480 cycles a month which equals to about 17 per day or about 0,71 cycles an hour – way easier to keep up with stone demand, but less income per hour even if your monthly earnings remain exactly the same.

    Not sure how it did 2,6k lime@4k per 1000 = 1600. That calculation needs some more research.

  5. Where the bloody hell did you find all those stones?! 😂 Like a fool I went up to that point on the map thinking I was on to a winner with the lime production 😅 great episode as always Mr. SP!

  6. Wed., Dec. 22, 2021 Mr. P, I absolutely LOVE your videos. Especially these role playing ones. You make my day every time I log into YouTube and see one of your videos posted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. MrSealyP, it is my understanding that when you set any production facility to sell, there will be a rather substantial surcharge for delivery. I have seen some other content that says it may be as much as 50% of what may be an average price. The high price that shows may not even be the base price that is used before any surcharge is tacked on. That seems to make most sense to sell any final product ourselves.

  8. I guess they are trying to slow down the game with monthly income, but no one is going to play a more traditional full season if they are doing it this way. I can kind of understand doing it this way for things like the windmills and other passive income.

    But, how can they do that with the production buildings which claim to pay out per litre produced? Your input costs and time spent are still the same regardless of season length. You did the work, bought the equipment, you should be paid. I also wonder how they are calculating that anyway, I assume if you keep dumping rock in that hourly payout HAS to go up, BUT you would have to get to a point where that machine is working 24/7 otherwise they will always be holding something back until months end.

    Hopefully they don't start doing that with crop selling 🤣

  9. Don't feel too bad MrSealyP, I;ve been down for a week because my computer crashed. Got it up and running now but had to put a new motherboard and processor in it. So I completely understand the frustration of technical problems.

  10. Things appear to process an amount per month, so the more days in the month, the less output you will get per day. That doesn't appear to affect selling prices per 1k, but selling direct does yield a lower sales value per 1k than if you store and take to a sell point.

    I think it is all simple, but I am an accountant. 😂

  11. After watching this I had to do some testing to try and understand the selling price for lime (on PC, and have been looking at xml files and trying different things).

    It appears that the selling price has nothing to do with the prices that are shown in the Prices screen.
    I think it's just the base price for lime from the map (224 for this one) multiplied by a value based on economy difficulty (approx values of 1x hard / 1.8 x normal / 3 x hard) and then the fluctuations in price.
    I've not tested any other productions, but hopefully this is of use to someone.

  12. MrSealyp, I honestly disagree with you calling the change in regards to the hourly income a stupidity. In my opinion it was the most logical thing to do. I recently switched from 1 to 2 days in my savegame but I didn't want my solar panels and greenhouses now produce twice the amount of money in a year while my crop on the field is still worth the same.
    Even the previous Seasons Mod on FS19 did it that way. The amount of income per hour stated in the shop was only true for 3 days seasons. It scaled with higher lengths as well.

  13. I get the stone crusher diddnt give you as much as you thought… keep in mind that you had 3 factories set to sell in the mod review simultaneously. That likely made it seem like the stone crusher was giving you a lot more than it actually was.

    On the upside. 1500 per hour is still around 36k a day if you keep it filled up. That's still the craziest number I've seen so far on fs225


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