FS19 | TOP 10 MODS | I ALWAYS HAVE INSTALLED! Farming Simulator 19.


FS19 | TOP 10 MODS | I ALWAYS HAVE INSTALLED! Farming Simulator 19 |. PS5. Modhub. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. With FS19 drawing to a close, the question of top mods starts to be asked. What are your top 5 maps? What are your favourite mods? What mods do you always use? In this set of videos I will try to answer some of these questions but please remember, these are my opinions and choices. There are no right or wrong answers. So… Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: Disable Vehicle Camera Collision By: GIANTS Software, Government Subsidy By: Realismus Modding, Lizard Pallet Pack/Re-Useable Pallets By: QuietHitMan, MVU-8 By: FSSA Modding Team, Addon Straw Harvest (Lizard v Grab) By: Creative Mesh, Water Standpipe By: C+S Modding/Annmarie, Milling Machine By: Chrisu70, MF Shed Pack (Silo) By: ALiEN JiM, CSZ Equipment Pack (Big Bag Handler) By: DDModPassion & Multi Silo Shop By: C+S Modding/Annmarie.


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  1. Im a bit of a late comer to fs . I only started playing when it was free on ps plus. That multi fruit silo is brilliant . I really like the racks on the outside . It always bugs me that I can't get my racks close to my buildings.

  2. Hhhhmmmm which would be Mr Ps number 1 map?…….. If we go on the most times he's been openly giggling like a little school girl………… I'd have to say Eureka Farms….. But that's just my guess

  3. Thanks for this Mr. SP! – very informative. I have 8 of these always installed myself. The CSZ Big Bag Handler and the C&S / Ann Marie Silos are, in my opinion, an absolute must! Hopefully we'll see these in FS22. Keep up the stirling work Sir!😁

  4. Love the shed pack ! The silo shed is fantastic. Who thought it would be so easy to make TMR and getting the sheds is a lumber delivery and watching it build is a brilliant idea . Thanks Mr. S.P.

  5. There were a few mods in this that I wasn’t aware of, but to be truthful I still play a lot in FS17. I will definitely give most of these a go in FS19 however. I love playing with new mods, or new to me anyway! Thanks Mr Sealy P for another great video!

  6. So glad you've done this as a few things i've looked over before have been explained in more detail such as the mercury farms silo i didn't realise it was multrifruit and had a 500,000l capacity plus it'll look great on Attingham park map, the multi silo shop is smaller than the tall black, grey metal and copper tanks i hope they distribute all the same products as it is a lot cheaper and i'll finish off with the v grab and big bag handler, the v grab as demonstrated is ideal for trailer stacking as it holds the bales well and you don't have to pull the forks out risking pulling the stack down and finally the big bale handler i do use it occasionally but now i know you can move bales around with it oh the potential; yep great common sense mods keep up the fantastic reviews i trust you and family are all well now, looking forward to maps and bonkers mod reviews.

  7. Thanks for this video MrSealyp, I use 8 of these mods. Going to share this with a friend of mine who's been struggling to find useful mods.
    These reviews will help us continue to play FS19 until FS22 is loaded with maps, mods and equipment ( and hopefully a cheaper price).

  8. I can well imagine the difficulty in ranking those Top 10, just choosing 10 alone is hard enough for any list like this! I use most of those myself as well and totally appreciate the value of them all, though whenever I see the C+S / Annmarie Multi Silo Shop I always remember with a fond smile that moment in your Six Ashes series when you made the "cheap" comment and then realised a second later what it was you said and Annmarie being such a good sport about it in the comments too LOL!

  9. Great selection here, how did you manage to put them in order? It was a sweat for me to put 17 together don't mind put them in order…. Looking forward to the next top 10 and congrats on the 80k.. Well deserved!!!! 👍

  10. Great video!! Loving the run down on these!! Totally agree on them!! But never used some of them as not what I focused on in my maps/ needed to use! Now that I seen these some are dead handy!!

  11. CONGRATS on hitting the 80K subscriber milestone, MrSealyP!!! 🙂 Your fans know that the number should easily be 2-3-4 times higher (relative to the #s others have) – due to all of the dedication & extra-effort etc. that you put into all that you do for the entire FS Community year-round – and especially for all console gamers! Keep doing what you’re been doing, the MrSealyP way, it works, & it’s always first-class top-quality content!!! Quality always wins over quantity – I’ll take a Filet Mignon steak over a McDonald’s hamburger any & every day! Onward to 100K! 🙂 Again, congratulations on reaching 80K!!! Cheers!!! 🎉 🙂

  12. Hi MrSealyP, Happy Saturday! FANTASTIC video here full of an excellent “Top 10” selection of very helpful/useful “must-have” FS19 mods! I regularly use almost every one of these mods myself (many discovered thanks to having watched your videos, btw). Thanks very much for making this list & doing a “show & tell” about each of the mods here. While most all others just show the mods on screen – you always go the extra mile & explain the mods & show how to use them – which is always so very extra-helpful! Mods are great, but if one doesn’t know/understand how to use the mod or what it’s used for, etc. – it’s simply not useful at all no matter how great the mod is. You cover all of that for us in your excellent mod reviews & the extra time/effort you take to show, explain, etc. is so extremely valuable! Thanks so very, very much! 🙂 Have a great weekend, MrSealyP (and everyone else)! 🙂


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