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FS News – Dec 16, 2021
Huge New Update Plus Free Content

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  1. There needs to be a way to go back to a previous version of a game on console for when a patch/update makes a game worse like this one
    The BS patch SUCKS now you have to move eggs & Greenhouse Pallets with a fork lift, and they were already glitchy to move by hand and now the forklift is far worse it turned my fork lift upsise down against the chicken pen on the 2nd pallet I picked up, I will put this game away next to NASCAR 21, Bus sim 21 and a few others and wait till they fix all this crap and make the enjoyable to play

  2. I hope the patch fixes the consoles bugs. I now have random question marks all over. 😢🔫. My pallets of tomatoes are not scattered and only 1 box on each pallet. Still have hay in my store.


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