FS CONSOLE NEWS! Farming Simulator 22 HUGE New Brand, FS22 First Fact Sheets, Plus Testing List


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  1. Are the tons are they US short ton or UK long ton will it very based map being played on?

    Mass equals number of particles

    volume equals space used or available for mass

    Gravity equals force or pull towards a central point

    Any hoots Lime and rocks would have a greater mass Being their heavier substances

    Therefore they might fill up volume faster with less available spaces

    Silage, Chaff, TMR and pig food would be medium mass pending on there moisture content

    Could grain drying be introduced to the game perhaps by a modded mod

    DJ Gotham mentioned in his Farm Sim Show

    pallets of liquid manure don’t make sense one of his viewers mentioned it’s a concentration
    Water would need to added possibly the two are mixed in a tanker trailer

    This makes me wonder if herbicide would be the same way

    Will just have to wait and see

    This is where volume would be implemented

    I can hardly wait to see what sounds the tractors PTO (Power Take Off) will make when in gauged

    Just thought I’d give you some thinkable thoughts

    I’m sure I’ve been over thinking the simplest mechanisms and load compaction of the games new functions

  2. Man I got alot of hopeful things I would like to see in fs22. Mainly would to see a total rework of multiplayer with its own dedicated servers. On console that is. I would like to be able to have a much larger view distance and to have per say my own map be able to work itself so I could see other ai farms working growing and building itself up. To make it feel like, hey I have to compete with my neighboring farm. Idk probably asking too much but I feel like if you use maybe the unreal engine maybe it would be the next step into realism. Anyways I forsure cant wait to play fs22 even if non of that happens. Started with fs19 and very swiftly became the most played game I had. Haha. Anyways everyone have a great day and sorry if it feels like a rant. Its not just something I thought about watching this


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