Four Anhydrous Ammonia Mod Packs | Mod Review | Farming Simulator 22



The Behnke TB series toolbars are made for farming operations that want to take control of their nutrient application program and apply the right product, at the right rate and at the right time. Toolbar widths range from 60′ down to 37′ with heavy-duty design and standard wing flex allow you to quickly tackle your acres and maintain consistent depth. The Behnke’s NH3 injection row unit features a lead coulter with 1,500 lbs. of down pressure, 1.25″ by 2″ edge bent shank, twin-spring shank mount and free-floating CoverMax closer coulters which ensure your high-value nutrient input is covered underneath the soil. Paired with your Raven control system, AccuFlow Vortex super cooling NH3 technology replaces the dual cooler system to give you superior accuracy and control over your applications for higher yields, less waste and lower input costs.


The GN4335TT and GN2890DT will be your best running gear for navigating difficult terrain. With a rear walking tandem pivoting axle , this model is versatile enough to sit on uneven terrain and built heavy enough to take the stress. Pairing the rear walking tandem with a torflex front axle will make this the smoothest riding running gear in your fleet.

Transport trailers for anhydrous and propane. There are (6) total trailers included, (3) of each fill type. The propane trailers can be found under the Trailers category. The anhydrous trailers have their own category.

Forward Agricultural – Solutions HAC 5000-T

Here at Forward Agricultural – Solutions, we build liquid fertilizer and anhydrous caddies with the farmer, for the farmer! Heavy-duty frame construction, hubs, and spindles are designed to far exceed the overall load limit, allowing for continuous, trouble-free use. Each and every implement undergoes extensive field-testing prior to release to the public. All liquid fertilizer caddies include our Forward Agricultural 13hp banjo-style fill pump for quick filling, and automatic shutoff(s) for your main tank. Each caddy includes a number of tire and track systems to ensure the lowest soil compaction and greatest terrain control possible.

FS22 MC331 Anhydrous/Propane Transport Trailer

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  1. Your upper left PF information is confusing. First, it says "Lime Application". Second, it says "No crop detected. Seed first for best result. Using target for Wheat on Loam". When cultivating down ammonia, shouldn't the target be soil type dependent only? Like spreading slurry/manure on a non-seeded field. Would appreciate if someone could clear this up, or this mod only make half a sense to use with a cultivator.

  2. Giants needs to see that some of this stuff comes to consoles.Sometimes it seems like the game just caters to people with PC's.They can build nuclear weapons and put a space station in orbit,but they can't figure out how to bring a 2D mod in a monitor to a game console? Come on…

  3. Hi i am sure if i am doing something wrong i am getting an error when i try to use the Anhydrous Ammonia Pack by Collins Custom on start up i get the error the Precision Farming Anhydrous Ready is needed and it does not load i have the Anhydrous addon installed please help

  4. You nailed it again. Answed a lot of my questions about the anhydrous add on mod thank you very much for your time. yes I watched your other vid on this subject, again thank you very much.

  5. Thank you for another great video, one stupid question I have never used a cultivator on FS22, could you tell me at what point would I cultivate, what I do is harvest/mulch/lime/seed(direct drill)/roll/weed/(spot and spry)/fertilize rinse and repeat

  6. You read my mind. Yesterday on the other anhydrous mod I had wanted to point out how nice it would be if you didn't need to search for mods just to make another mod work, but I passed. If I actually owned a copy of FS 22 I would now be off to download all the anhydrous stuff you have shared. They all seem to be excellent mods

  7. Nice. Love it when modders coordinate releases of new things.
    Im pretty sure it's the "Anhydrous Ammonia Pack by Collins Custom" i mentioned in your previous Anhydrous video.

  8. Forward Agricultural – Solutions used to have two other even larger cultivators, but it looks as if those were not good enough to continue. I have had problems too when using them

  9. I never tried any of the anhydrous stuff yet but these look great. I imagine the main mod has a fill point storage tank to refill the trailers? Edit: Oh i see there's more info on this in your previous video.


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