Do you use or will you use a GPS mod in Farming Simulator 22?
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||.. 92% ⭐ Yep, can’t live without it!
||………………………. 5% ⭐ Nope, I’m the best driver in FS
|……………………….. 2% ⭐ My dog just gives me directions

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  1. Use alt-a and alt-d keys, they change your rows to the left or right and automatically change your direction of travel. You can also set up how many rows you want to skip per row shift, like for this tractor you could set up every other row

  2. For tractors or implements with a wide turning radius, the beauty of VCA is that you can alternate rows, or pick every third row, and then work your way back on the odd rows, since the "index" is accurate across the whole field. In fact in CP this was a great technique to leave swaths that were easier to pick up.

  3. Looks like a good mod, but I can't be bothered mucking around with width settings every time I change implements. Wopster's GPS mod in FS19 had the option of being able to save "tracks" so it was just a couple of clicks to switch between implements. Fingers crossed it has the same functionality when he releases it.

  4. VCA defently did have tracked steering in fs19, i never used anything else. It also had gearbox options simular to what is in the base game now.
    Pretty cool mod mogli made, but not well known, thanks for showcase it.

  5. Dude, you still don't have a link to the Vehicle Control add-on unless I am missing something real bad here. I've searched all mod hubs and found nothing for Vehicle control so…any help is greatly appreciated, I am not a clever fella. Thanks!


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