FIELD PREP TEST – Farming Simulator 22


This will go through what the effects of plows, subsoilers, spaders, power harrows, subsoilers, disc harrows, cultivators, shallow cultivators, and mulchers are in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. ahhh, no wonder my plot hasnt turned red to plow yet. I never plant any of those things anyway, unless i one day decide to get pigs (corn). thanks! I've WARPED straight from FS17 and skipped all the way to FS22

  2. There are different types of plows that farmers/ranchers use. (Proper words if ya want to use them)
    The ingame "plow" is considered a moldboard plow. It completely flips the soil over.
    The ingame "cultivators" are considered to be chisel plows (they chisel and turn over the topsoil)
    The ingame "shallow cultivator" is more than likely to be a field cultivator. (Correct me if im wrong)
    And the ingame "subsoilers" are either like V rippers or maybe like a renovator. (Correct me if im wrong again) Sorry not trying to sound arrogant, just tryin to help ya out

  3. So basically all you need is a cultivator and a plow & a roller and a stone picker for the large stones after plowing………..
    Harrows are usually used to remove track marks (if you want to change your lines etc) and soften the top soil but seems this is a non factor in farming sim 2017 – 2022.
    Would be nice if they actually made the useless items useful but hey……

  4. Thanks for the video, great details for a NooB like me. Would you do a follow-up on the BEDNAR FB3000-TO6000-PT6000 please ? It has the subsoiler which lifts the rocks, has a cultivator and then a roller to re-bury them. It also has a fertiliser option (but couldn't get that loaded no matter how hard I tried). It's really expensive, but if you can do all these functions in one, it may be worth it. Not sure. Thanks again.

  5. Should do a test on workers, their cost per hour if it's different if your just traveling , transporting or doing field work. Idk cause I feel they are very costly compared to fs19. I would like the details on it and am much to lazy and would be good content I believe lol.

  6. I was happy to see we can now cut the crop stems for a yield bonus but unfortunately workers cost more than whatever you get from the 5% extra yield. They cost so damn much. I guess they unionized or something.

  7. I think the mulcher didnt "show signs" of working in the field is because it was a corn field. I'm thinking because the field needs to be plowed because it was a root crop it makes mulching irrelevant? I could be wrong

  8. Very good video and I agree with the periodic plowing, it is a huge step forward. But at the same time they also made three steps backwards with the direct seeding and as a licensed farmer I'm very pissed off about that. For example, the first three seeders don't allow direct seeding. But they literally are power harrows with a drill hooked up. You can't even separate them anymoore and just use the power harrow to cultivate like in fs 19. You have to buy the exact same power harrow separately and that is just steaght up stupid.

  9. Sugar cane does not need to be plowed out after harvest, it grows back endlessly with diminished results after a few harvests. It was a feature in farm sin 19 as well.

    I have been a part of the Sugar cane industry my whole life in Australia and I have seen cane crops that haven't been plowed out since the early 50's which they were originally hand cut.

  10. From what I've seen direct drilled or disked ground (and shallow cultivated?) doesn't allow for a mechanical weeder to get 100% of the weeds. It will only remove 50%. For 100% weed reduction you need to use herbicide.


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