FENDT 1050 in action – pulling logs | Forestry on ERLENGRAT | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 27


Today we are in ERLENGRAT and we have to finish pulling logs from the forest. Last time we had issues with Valtra 8510 so we decided to get the reinforcement. First, we sent the worker with Hilux and trailer to the top of the mountain. Then we mounted chains on the MAN forest truck and we attached a low-loader trailer. After we got everything ready we headed to the local dealer. They had Fendt 1050 with Tajfun winch on the back ready for us. So we loaded the tractor on the trailer and strapped it and then headed to the top of the mountain. We made it almost to the destination but we couldn’t get up at the steep turn, so we unloaded the tractor and then we made it to our destination. We parked the truck and trailer on the side of the road and then we jumped into Hilux and headed to pick up the tractor. We got the tractor and the worker drove the Hilux back, when we arrived, we moved Valtra out of the way and we headed to the forest. The Fendt 1050 was pulling logs with no effort up the steep rocky and snowy hill. We pulled around 40 trees from the forest to the loading zone and then it was time to pack up everything. We sent the worker with Hilux and trailer back to the Sawmill. Then we loaded Fendt 1050 onto the low-loader trailer and we also headed back to the Sawmill. When we arrived, we washed the truck, trailer, and tractor, and then we returned it back to the dealer. After everything was done we parked the truck and trailer at the Sawmill and then headed inside the Sawmill to do some production.

Enjoy the video!


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Intro: Meet me (feat. nož) – mickey valen
Outro: Glude Dreamers
0:11 – 4:58 OLWIK – Taking Over (feat. Alexa Lusader)
4:59 – 9:05 Sad Puppy – Doing It
9:06 – 12:36 Kisma – Fingertips
12:37 – 15:59 Cartoon – Howling (Ft. Asena)
16:00 – 19:27 IZECOLD – Close (feat. Molly Ann) [Brooks Remix]


  1. Good vid camper, and k noticed something while watshing your vids. Yes i am subscribed and yes i watch all your vids every day. But what i noticed…. you switch between the new and old music. I appreaciate it. But why are you doing it. Don t get me whrong, keep doing it, i was just wondering…. bye!
    Pls react…thx


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