Feeding ANIMALS and selling EGGS, CORN & LETTUCE $$$ | Elmcreek | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 27


Today we are in Elmcreek and we have a few jobs to do. We started with inspecting the farm and seeing what needs to be done. After we got everything inspected we made a plan, we jumped into the Ford and headed to the local dealer. We bought two mineral feed pallets that we gonna use for mixing the feed for cows. Then we jumped into John Deere 6120M and switched the forks for the bucket and we transported the bucket to the silage pit. When that was done we returned back to the pickup and trailer and parked the tractor. We jumped into John Deere 7810 and attached the Siloking feed mixer and parked it in the position. Then we started putting the mineral feed, two hay bales, and one straw bales in the mixer. After we got that in we moved the feed mixer closer to the silage pit and we loaded the rest with the silage. When the feed was mixed we feed it to the cows and we did one more load of the feed. We then parked the feed mixer and tractor and jumped back into John Deere 6120M and we feed the hay bale to the cows and then feed the chickens with chicken feed. After that was done we loaded the egg pallet onto John Deere Gator and we sold it to the local bakery for around 4.500$. Then it was time to sell the corn so we jumped into John Deere 8530 and attached Brent wagon and we started loading corn. When we got the corn loaded we transported it to the Grain West Silo. We transported two loads and then we parked the wagon and tractor. Then we jumped into Ford and headed to the Grain West Silo. When we arrived we had a train waiting for us, so we jumped in and loaded the corn in the cart and then headed to the Goldcrest Valley to sell it. We sold the corn for around 70.000$ and we returned back to the Elmcreek. We returned the train and jumped back into the Ford and headed to the farm. Back at the farm, we parked the Ford in the workshop because we had a guy come over to do some upgrades to it. So because we couldn’t use Ford we jumped into Gator and headed to the local transport company. When we arrived we got the keys and we jumped into Kenworth W900 with Reefer trailer on the back. They let us use it to transport the lettuces to the selling point so we headed back to the farm to get loaded. We parked the truck and trailer in the position and we used John Deere 6120M to load lettuce pallets in the back. We loaded 36 pallets and then we parked the John Deere 6120M and we jumped into Kenworth W900. We headed to the Farmer’s Market to sell the lettuces. We made around 50.000$ from selling the lettuces and we headed back to the transport company. We returned the truck and trailer and we jumped back into the Gator and headed back home. When we arrived we parked the Gator and headed inside the house to take lunch break.

Enjoy the video!


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Intro: Meet me (feat. nož) – mickey valen
Outro: Glude Dreamers
0:11 – 3:44 Arms of Gold – Tape Machines
3:45 – 7:26 Dance – Lvly
7:28 – 10:11 Not Gonna Wake Up – Mindme
10:12 – 13:19 Every Day – Gamma Skies
13:20 – 16:26 No Remedy – Lvly
16:27 – 19:12 Not Used to This – Alde
19:13 – 23:02 Gimme That – Katnip



  1. The Typical Wonderfull Truks from Kenworth or Peterbirld They look soooooooooooooooooooo Nice😍😍😍😍😍💪💪 Nice Vidio an guess you should buy moor land so you have more Crops


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