Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial – A Guide To Grapes and Olives! 🍇🍇


Grapes and Olives are new to Farming Simulator 22 so I thought I’d take a look at how you approach planting, managing and selling grapes using the new production chains!

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Planting Vines
3:36 – Machinery Overview
5:15 – Mulching and Cultivating
9:43 – Fertilizing
12:55 – Harvesting
17:20 – Production Chains
22:13 – Stripping the Vines
23:50 – Summary

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Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial – A Guide To Grapes and Olives? 🍇🍇

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  1. Came to watch the olives tutorial mentioned in the video title … watched the entire video and it was about grapes … never been so disappointed sinceI watched a movie called Grand Pricks and it was about motor racing 😆

  2. Very cool to see grape farming in game. I live and grew up in north east pa where grapes are most farmers main crop with the Welch's plant in town. Would like see more options for the harvester bc our harvester don't carry the grapes with them another tractor with wood or metal bins drive in the next row and they go right from the harvester to the transport bins

  3. hi fsg, i see evrybody putting the mulcher on the back of the tractor. if you put that on the front, you use the orange side to guide you true the rows. and if you put the cruise on 7 or 8 kmh. it becomes even more easy. takes a little longer, but well worth doing.

  4. i have a problem with the mulching when i go to the vineyard and i go to cut the grass is not happening od course i dont know before this video is important to cut this crass so i have this vineyard over 2 years in the game i mean seasons and now i cant to cut it is where some logical

    explanation ????

  5. Hey man! Thanks for these videos. I just found your channel and you describe everything perfectly. Thank you so much. I know very very little in regards to actual farming so I need these videos haha. Keep it up please!!!

  6. Very nice video thanks! I have only one problem. When i mulch and cultivate in march when the grass have grow, there is 0% fertilize after it. Any solutions? Tried everything but i can't get it to work.

  7. Very helpful video, but i have a issue with the factoryes. I placed grapes there and 10h IRL time and farming time 15x, it only have produced 14liters of Grape juice, and in the storage i have 2000l of grapes. Any solutions?

  8. I see that skinny tractor has a 3 point on the front. I wonder if you can put the mulcher on the front and the cultivator on the back. Or like the subsoiler does the mulcher have an attachment on the back. The other thing I was thinking is you could probably put a pathway for the larger sprayer and save a bunch of time fertilizing.


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