Farming Simulator 22 Top 10 New Features – Sept 23, 2021

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  1. They should make it so wheels can actually slip if it's to much for the vehicle which should damage the ground if that happens, maybe even get the vehicle stuck so it has to be pull out. And of course you should be able to repair damaged ground

  2. its just ls17 with some standard mods allready integrated…i dont know. i guess i will wait till its 10 bucks on steam. graphics are still outdated since ls17. this thing would run in win 98

  3. Seems like the Devs just include mods these days and with paralax maps seems like they put as little work in as possible and rely on the community to expand the game and put in the work for them

  4. From a new user (started in 2020), I play the No Man's Land map with a ton of mods, and I'm not done with it yet. Unfortunately, there isn't much convincing me to shell out for a new game in FS 22. I wonder if they wouldn't be better to use the ETS2 method and instead simply improving the game instead of multiple releases.

  5. Where is the mud and better/more realistic tracks from the wheels. You still can't get stuck in the mud on a field etc. SnowRunner did this very well ages ago.
    Do they add ultra wide screen support instead of stretching the graphics? And what about VR? FS is MADE for VR goggles.

  6. My hopes for this game

    1. Delivery trucks for delivering goods to businesses
    2. They keep mod support on consoles and don't ditch it for DLC also the ability for consoles to have more indepth mods like the paving mod or construction mod
    3. Mud and ice
    4. Oddly having a law enforcement system in place so I can't mindlessly drive 70mph on the wrong side of the road
    5. Actual equipment maintenance (broken windshield, blown tires, engine maintenance broken hydraulics and even flooded motors) add a little car mechanic sim and let us actually fix it rather than hit repair on a menu
    6. Buildings that actually require some type of construction
    7. More love for the forestry portion of the game
    8. Irrigation systems ( it would be cool to run piping from a river or even a water tower and hooking them up to those massive sprinklers you see in the Midwest
    9. Pests and animal activity ( not talking about cyotes ripping apart my chickens but maybe having bug infestations, birds eating crops and destroying a harvest if not taken care of or prevented)
    10. Cropdusters

  7. I play on pc so none of this is new however they should have added detailed equipment maintenance a long time ago, changing out belts, cutters on combine heads, ptos the list is endless, but there lazy and just milking a cash cow with very little effort.

  8. They should make it to where you can automatically download mods that you don't have compared to the server you are wanting to join. So you don't have to go out and try and find all the same mods.


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