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  1. They look ok but to me the whole thing still has a damned console feel to it. Nice to see Def in base though, saves me having to get the mod lol. I just need them to impress me this time and so far after seeing a fair bit, from a few different tubers (bu dum tsss), I am still waiting.

  2. This is why I love and hate farming simulator a lot of new stuff but why make a game when there’s nothing different gameplay wise like the dirt movement and tractor sounds and more things to interact with in the tractor and out shifting gears etc it’s all been the same since the first fs came out and it’s just said I really wish theyd do what agriculture simulator did with there ground and mud

  3. I hope they put in old tools and vehicles for you're series and anybody else who does it !!!!!! And finally something different than ford or case for big tractor love versatile tractors !!!!!! And about bloody time names for the icons !!!!!

  4. am i the only one that doesnt care about the textures? i mean mods fixed that years ago.

    why can't we have adaptie terrain like mud, gravel, etc actually impacts steering, power needs, tyre types etc. i feel this is what the gameplay is missing

  5. I wonder if that means that electricity and biogas are going to be subject to the same kind of price swings that other products are? So electricity and biogas might vary in price based on the season or even the time of day. I know that the electricity price swings up and down with demand, and I know now that in places that have a lot of solar install the price can occasionally go negative at solar noon when all the panels are making more than the grid needs. It could be an interesting thing to strategize when to put silage in the biogas plant and when to charge your electric vehicles. It makes me wonder if fuel prices are also going to become variable in the same way, especially interesting if a method of creating biodiesel is built into the base game.

  6. Considering the jump between fs17 and 19 and how amazing an improvement even though they only had 2 years. I am very disappointed how little seems to have changed and how the graphics seems to have gone backwards and that there are not major major changes considering the length of time they have had to make the game. Will not be spending the probably £60-£80 that this game will cost

  7. Silage additive is added ether when loading wagon is picking up the grass and theres a big tank on the front or when the forage harvestes is picking up the grass and then adding it.


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