Farming Simulator 22 IS HERE! – MultiPlayer Release Party with Friends


Farming Simulator 22 is finally here. Released to the world at Midnight Nov 22nd CET via Giants Eshop. Coming soon to Steam players, We celebrate the release of Farming Simulator 22 with a huge MP release party on ElmCreek.

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  1. Does anyone know how i can play fs22 multiplayer with friends without renting a dedicated server I have strong enough pc toe be the server? Fs19 we just made or joined european server and search the name and played together and now we cant find each other even

  2. I bought a used 7810 for half the price I sold the one I got to start and it needed full repair and paint. But I looked at the paint and I didn’t see one flaw. Obviously JD has told giants they can’t make their equipment look bad.


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