FARMING SIMULATOR 22 | Garage Tour Gameplay | Medium Tractors


Let’s take a look at all the medium tractors in Farming Simulator 22

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This was sent to me by Giants Software in return for my let’s plays ( I am not being paid by the company to produce them)
Please note this is an early access copy and the game is likely to change/be patched prior to release.

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  1. Are we really losing the Valtra N and T series, I really liked them, agile and steady loader or all round work tractors just like in real life, so sad. I have save with Valtra T274 with 250h on it.

  2. I'm so glad they add tractors like the John Deere 7810, which is the tractor I most used in FS19, and so the 4755, it's really nice to see this kind of older machinery, I was also hoping them to add the 5 series and the 6020 or 6030 series, since I'm a big fan of Deere.
    In general, the tractors look good, there are a lot to choose from, a lot of Massey Ferguson, good to see more Deutz-Fahr, a brand that was being left behind, the 7250TTV reminds me of FS2013, which was my favourite tractor in that game.
    But it's kinda disappointing that all tractors have an identical engine sound, it almost seems like they use the same sound for every tractor.

  3. So I managed to mod an FS 19 tractor into FS 22 with a little work the only problem was the textures and sound so hopefully that means a lot of FS 19 mods Will be moved over quicker

  4. Interesting that dyna 6 transmission is listed as CVT in some of the vids I’ve seen. It’s actualy powershift. It has speed matching auto shift mode but it’s still powershift.

  5. really like the line-up but no Case Puma or Optum is kinda strange as they were both in FS19 and 22 has the Maxxum and Magnum which are opposite ends of the range but okay.

  6. They should have done US specs on all of them like the Claas! Love the selections but man what a disappointment that they left US specs off most of them.

  7. Boo Hiss Spit-on-Floor Demand-a-refund … NO Case medium tractor, and in particular no Case IH 7200 series nor Magnum, Maxxum, or Puma, series!
    I refuse to use a John Expensive green and yellow (snot and pus colours) tractor.
    Giants – you done did fcuked up big time.

  8. I would really like an older fendt like the 615 lsa turbomatik e that was such an iconic tractor or the fendt 824 turboshift but there is only the 515 which isn't even that old really but still love that there are more old classic tractors I just hoped there would be a old fendt more

  9. MF tractors don't have additional IPM horspowers with CVT (except MF 7719s). Also MF 7720s has DYNA6 badge on it but there is only CVT option. This is a crime. I'm sure we will see more such things. It is embarrassing to not know enough about farm machinery as farming game developers.

  10. Zetor and valtra 8750 will be my go to tractors. Zetor is such an underrated brand and they look really nice. That old Valtra-valmet model is also really cool to see in a fs game.


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