Farming Simulator 22 | FIRST LOOK GAMEPLAY!


Welcome to Farming Simulator 22 ! This is the first of many gameplay videos of FS22 and in this one I show you some of the new features.
This was sent to me by Giants Software in return for my let’s plays ( I am not being paid by the company to produce them)

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Please note this is an early access copy and the game is likely to change/be patched prior to release.

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. This game is great but the one thing that is frustrating the hell out of me is every time I try and place a building down (to create my own farm) although the ground is completely even it becomes uneven and bumpy after you place a building down and I just can’t seem to work the levelling/soften tools! I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but if you place a building down on a flat ground then the ground should stay flat.

  2. The only thing that slightly annoys me is my game stuttering a bit when I'm driving around, changing views, etc… 2070 Super and 3700x may need a little upgrade in the future for the VERY HIGH settings.

  3. can you just pick the rocks by hand and throw them to the side of the field or onto a trailer? That would add to the realism / be cheaper than a stone picker

  4. I'm probably alone in thinking this but for me fs22 was a let down. Me and my buddies preordered it and when we started playing it the look of the game honestly felt like a downgrade to fs19. I love the new ai worker features but it's just super buggy


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