Farming Simulator 22🔸Haut-Beyleron #01🔸Starting from Scratch. Harvesting Canola & Oat. Baling Straw


Today we are starting from scratch in Haut-Beyleron. We first bought a couple of fields: one for canola and one for oat. We then built a house in a new plot of land, drove to a store and rented a John Deere 7810 tractor, a Deutz Fahr Topliner 4090 HTS combine, and bought a Welger DK 115 trailer. I bought it so I could later change its configuration since we’ll need it to transport straw. Afterwards, we harvested canola and transported the grain to the railroad silo. Later we will transport them to Marissonne by the train and sell them there. After that, we harvested oat and moved the grain to the GCHB Grain Elevator and sold them there. Once we were done with that, we rented a Massey Ferguson MF 1840 baler and we baled straw. We then loaded the bales into a trailer, drove to the Biomass Heating Plant, and sold the straw bales there.


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  1. Nice vid man! I really like the new layout of FS22. I think it's an great upgrade from FS19. It looks very smooth and 60FPS. In FS19 it was a BIG issue with the FPS drops and stuff. Really enjoying the new FS22 vids man, keep up the good work!


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