Farm Sim Shorts #6 – Add Manure to Animal Sheds – Farming Simulator 22


Answering the community’s questions so you can play Farming Simulator 22 better! Each week I’ll be taking the best questions asked in my comments section or discord channel and trying to answer them in-game. In this episode, we’re looking at how you can add manure to cow sheds.

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  1. I stored my cows in trailers, demo'd the medium barn and dropped the large beside the existing manure extension. It's not working anymore. Thinking it needs to be dropped after any new barn is dropped. Has anyone got their pigpen and cow barns using the same manure ext?

  2. I got about half a million litres 🤦‍♂️I loaded up a trailer and took to biogas plant but only worth £80 per 1000 litre so not worth the transportation or my time, I wanted to find a biogas plant production chin for it but doesn't exist, what happens if you don't buy an extension ? Does it just fill up and that it or does it effect productivity of the cows/pigs ?

  3. If you don’t add the manure heap and just do slurry instead of manure, are there pros / cons to that? Can you still get 100% productivity doing it this way?

  4. Everything was going well in my stable, but suddenly he won't let me put more straw. I just put in the silo extension to store the manure that may have accumulated but still I have not seen manure being generated nor does it allow me to add more straw. The health of my cows has dropped to 0%. Any idea?

  5. Useful video. With fs22 you get manure without straw (you get 50% more with straw) . and the silo extension has a trailer fill trigger which will be awesome when we get autodrive

  6. Manure and slurry became much more viable in FS22 thanks to seasons and fertilization only 2x/year. Poor cows finally have time to produce enough.
    Also on the topic of slurry, there is a tool that came with the Claas Xerion pack that goes in the front of the machine. Is that just cosmetic or has some kind of use?

  7. Definitely helps. I always prefer doing organic fertilizers. Though that has become much easier with the multifruit buying station mod. I usually pick that since the barrier to entry isn't quite as large as the pig or cow shed + manure extension.

  8. Actually FSG in the base game of FS 19 you received slurry at all times and would receive solid manure (in addition to slurry) if you added straw. In the Seasons mod you would only ever receive one or the other based on whether you gave your animals straw or not.

  9. Seems like to me Giants fluffed that up, (watching on my phone so bit harder to see all the tool tipa) didn't see anywhere during this clip that being mentioned so I can see why people would have problems. I don't exactly understand why they made it so you need the extention version and not the main silo. Makes no sense lol

  10. FSG, awesome video as always. looking at this concept, do you think it is possible that the one extension will share with more than one cow barn or even a Pig farm. I was thinking maybe Giants said you know what instead of having players have multiple maneur storage on the farm why not just have one where all animal barns feed into. That's sort the practicality the popped into my head when I saw this video.

  11. Hey mate thanks for the guide. A quick question, if I place two cowsheds one next to another and I place a Manure Heap Extension between them will it collect the manure from both?


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