Everything you need to know about Sugarcane in Farming Simulator 22


In this video we will cover everything you need to know plant, care for, harvest, transport, sell and store sugarcane in Farming Simulator 22. Its alot of work but it can also bring alot of reward. Especially since it seems to no longer be a plant once harvest three times crop. As you will see in this video after the third harvest it comes back for more.

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  1. Hey Farmers! So in regards to using the Case IH harvester, harvest it at a diagonal direction! I wasted almost a full field and then just started playing around with it and it was yielding the way it should! Must be glitch but hopefully this helps someone!

  2. I wonder if the myth of 3 harvests dates back to FS17, where you needed to plow every third harvest, to maintain yield – hence the advice to harvest 3 then plow and replant.
    FS19 changed the plow every 3 harvests to lime every 3 harvests, you only need to plow after certain crops are harvested. The "periodic plowing" wording is, I believe, misleading since we no longer do it periodically.

  3. Sugarcane is a ‘grinder’s crop’; I love it but understand why others don’t. Same problems with trailer compatibility as FS19 for the self propelled harvester looks like; if so the equivalent trailer which should be best in FS22 should be the Rudolph with the annoying 3 point hitch as it was with the Kagroliner 3-point trailer in FS22. Other than that, Cha-ching! With production chains even more so.

  4. I’m not a farmsim guy but I fell in love with the game after giving a friend of mine a hard time for playing such a “mundane” game. Boy was I wrong and now I’m sitting here learning from the best lmao how the turns have tabled

  5. Hi, great video as usual, in the video you adjusted your cruise control, is there any chance you would be able to do a video showing us how to adjust your cruise control please as I have no idea how to do this, I hope you have a great christmas

  6. If you are worried about crop destruction. Then let a worker plant the sugar cane. They will plant in spaced out rows like poplar. Which is accurate to how sugar cane is planted.

    Still wish they added the way sugar cane tops are actually removed. With fire.

  7. Interesting video, seems that Seasons need to be swiched off for this to work. Gained many answers from this vid but also posed many questions still to be resolved. Is it my imagination but Giants never seem to fully explain things and leave you to find out for yourself. But having watched this vid will give Sugarcane a try.

  8. I without a doubt must use GPS to plant this crop. Also if I harvest and use “follow me” [WIP] mod then I’ll need to keep harvest to the left of crops at all times and stay on the perimeter (never turn into the field) if crop destruction is set to “on.”

  9. You know the maximimum amount of processed sugar you will get for the year 12 X 12,000 = 144000 sugar. Can we find a Field that will yield slightly more than 288,000 sugarcane in a year or at least in a harvest and sell off the excess sugarcane. You will be fully stocked for processed sugar and minimze the time spent on the slow parts, but keep the more profitable aspects at full production. How much sugar does Sugar Beets take to give 1 Sugar? Sugar Beets show to be one of the best crops to sell without processing. Would it be better to use Sugar Beets to make sugar and sell the excess Sugar Beets? I am enjoying the videos alot . Keep up the Great Work. Thanks

  10. Honestly it looks like they added the crop 2 versions ago (with FS 17, I think or was it 19?), it never fully worked back then but now they are at the same time not willing to take a crop out and but also don't make it work well enough, to be really viable to do.

    Would have been interesting, if you actually need to plow though, because the FS Academy seems to indicate that ONLY need to plow when you work on harvested root crops so for sugarcane that would only apply if you would want to change the crop on the field.

  11. The Sugar factory makes you more money, but everyone discussing productions is not looking at the bigger picture. What is the Return on Investment? Now the Sugar factory indeed gives you a very nice mark up on sugar vs sugar cane. And its only $80k. Seems like a no brainer, right? Not necessarily. The Sugar Factory takes ONLY 24000/Sugar per MONTH. Heh, that's what….a 6m strip of that small plot you had there? You will need many factories, with a field that size….at $80k a pop. They aren't small. They need to be put on land that could otherwise be farmed. Albiet, one of the best uses of the sugar factory is to make it a silo, even though you can't take it out. Buying multifruit silos to store your cane would be expensive AF. Now if you had lots of beats as well, then it really starts to shine. But what insane person would harvest both beats AND sugar cane? lol

    So, productions by Giants is indeed brilliant, as each one has its own caveat. The Grain Mill's problem for example, is there is a low market between grain and flour…but, you can process 4 grains at once. Another youtuber stated ïts awesome, it will pay for itself in 5 months!". Yeah, if you happen to have like 45 hectares of land and can produce $1M liters of grains every year, it can pay for itself in 5 months. Sure, if running at max productivity every month of the year. To do that, the ~1M liters of grain you would have to make is worth say $850k (25% wheat, 25% sorg, 25% oats, 25% barley)……Investing $850k and making the cost of a grain mill as profit in 5 months (IIRC $95k?), is not terribly impressive. Its nice, its good, but its only about 20% annual return…and that's if you HAVE 1M liters of grain every year, which is a LARGE farming operation. Should you buy one if you produce 100k of grains every year? NO. Buy more land!!!

    The simple truth that people don't get is that productions are END game, not start and rarely mid. What idiot game developer would make a new hierarchical component to their system, but allow you to gain it's highest potential right away? They want you to keep playing until its the proper time to buy and use them.

  12. It seems to work different for me, tried twice yet it never starts to regrow after a harvest. The only difference I can tell right away is that I have seasons enabled, also the harvested field looks a little different in my game since harvesting sugar cane leaves cut stubbles on the field. On the first try I mulched the stubbles after the harvest, on the second try I did nothing after the harvest but in both cases it never grew again.

  13. Sugarcane would be fun but they first need to fix the self propelled harvester. As of the moment it is bugged and even thou it harvest the sugarcane you get little out of it into the trailer. The pull behind one gives a lot more to the trailer compared to the self propelled one.

  14. If you have crop destruction on the pull-behind harvester literally destroys more than it harvests. I've reported this bug 3 fucking times (17 19 and 21) and nothing's been done.

  15. I hope they can find a way to get rid of the bugs and tedium of the crop. It's nice that they found ways to make it really profitable, but I don't play Farming simulator to make a profit, I play to have fun. And sure profiting can add too the fun, but I have to have fun doing the work to make the profit, or I'll go work on something more fun, that may be less profit.

    I think as of now, I would rather plant and cut down trees than to work on sugar cane…and I don't think I like trees much more than you do. 🙂

  16. Sugarcane sugar content floats around 15% in ideal conditions, that also includes molasses. The 2:1 ratio in the game is not very accurate. So much about game "realism". . A game should be immersive and fun, realism or not.

  17. Where I live, sugar cane is harvested everywhere. As someone who has carted 'plant cane' ( used for replanting after instead of selling) They do not use hitches on the harvesters. There is a harvester driver, and multiple cane hauling drivers who switch places when their tipper bins are filled.


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