Everything you need to know about Sugar Beets in Farming Simulator 22


This video will walk you thought everything you need to know to plant, harvest, transport, store and process sugar beets in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. The trailer you're using for dumping the sugar beets has a moving floor. I position the bucket for cut beets right underneath the back of the trailer and unload directly into the sugar mill. It takes a while, but it saves on buying conveyer belts.

  2. Nice video again, and beets look like they could be a lot of fun and although time consuming I think quite rewarding from the normal hum drum grain crops. Thanks for you help, really don't know where I would be without these marvellous How Too series.

  3. Isnt that KRAMPE 3 in 1 trailer a walking floor, tipper, and ejector to ? I know the walking floor can be switched on or off and also forward and backwards, and idea how to change the tip mode is It key U Or I or G …. lol also the new Krone trailer has a belt that can go forwards or backwards and the ejector plate moves with it, great video by the way. Cheers.

  4. Did they change how productions buildings work in the newer update? I thought it you activated more processes such as making sugar from beets and cut beets then the production is cut in half for each. For example, if you have both activated then you would be making 6000L of sugar from straight beets and 7200L from cut sugar beets for a total of 13,200L. 47:00

  5. I generally top and use the pull behind in two passes. Put a helper on topping on a small tractor and use your main tractor to pull the harvestor. I also ground dump in piles and then after the harvest is complete I lease a loader to cart to elevators.

  6. I have a multi-fruit silo on my farm where I can load directly into the chopper bucket and then move over a few feet and unload. After watching your video it looks like it would be even easier to use that train silo since the output spout is directly over the dump trigger. You should be able to load a truckload into the silo, then position the chopper bucket under the spout and pretty much do the same thing you did with the belt system, without the expense of the belts. You should end up with a silo full of cut sugarbeets ready to load back into your truck. I had a sugar beet contract where I ended up with 43,698 liters of beets that sold for $429, instead I cut them up and sold for $581.

  7. looks much more cost effective (atleast to start) to use a ground pickup conveyor to an auger lift setup, to pick up sugarbeats as opposed to using that big maus to do so. like you have setup for the cutting.

  8. Do the train silos accept cut sugar beets? If so, you should be able to park the cut bucket under the output pipe and just let the cut beets flow straight back into the silo. No additional belt needed.


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