Everything you need to know about Potatoes in Farming Simulator 22


Continuing our series of running through the crops in Farming Simulator 22 we take a look at potatoes today and what kind of equipment we need to plant, weed, harvest and transport potatoes.

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  1. i kinda dislike how the game / giants act as if some of the sugar beet / potato stuff was not usable for both types of root crops… like the auger wagons and the ropa maus e.g.

    As if an auger wagon that can handle beet could not handle potato…
    also probably the three point attached topper

    I mean fair game that the harvesters are not interchangeable and crop specific… that is pretty realistic…

    But a lot of the stuff needed for beets would fit potatos too and the other way around…

  2. Hiya FK. I've gotten a LOT of good info from your videos. FS22 is my first farm sim game. Signed up as a Farm Baron today. Thanks for your time and hard work on these videos!

  3. I usually like a little MF5xxx or Fendt 300 sized tractor with narrows for topping (good to know that crop destruction is still in effect after topping – not a thing in FS17 or FS19), but we still need to make sure that the harvester & tractor aren't also ripping up the crop – I believe tractors are set up with wide spaced narrow twins, so drive between the rows and not damage the crop.

    Also, you missed mentioning the (belt system) pallet creator – allows you to make crates of potatoes (and sugar beets) for more efficient storage.

  4. Einböck chopstar is not for potato. Its for corn. Look on internet.. And you can roll the field before you plant. It feels like many players aren't so interested in potato crop. Hope there will be a new dlc. Maybe with a potato sorter and washer. Maybe with a potato factory 🙂

  5. I suppose if you own the potato auger wagon which literally can't hold anything else but potatoes, the smart move would be to leave it full at the end of your harvest so that you can just refill the seeder from it when you replant the next year.

  6. You can use the Grimme RH24-60 (conveyor/belt) to put potatoes in boxes/pallets, 1000L. Then you can reuse them for seeding. You can't load directly out of the boxes/pallets into the planting machine, so use forklift or something.

  7. shouldve rolled the field first then plant potatoes if you like that texture lol blonde moment there huh. and also that 3 in 1 trailer you can just select sliding door mode all it would do is open that door and the wall will push out crops without having that trailer lifted up.

  8. Thank you FK for this video. I was going nuts trying to find potato's to plant. Then you mentioned pallet seeds my DAAA moment left me. LOL Here's my sign… Awesome how to video!! Learned about using the bees for benefit of yield. Thank you again and have a Happy Holidays!!

  9. In the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, technically the answer is the chicken because the chicken is our closest living relative to the dinosaur so technically the dinosaur came first. Try not to dig too deep into that as we dint know too much about how dinosaurs came about

  10. I think you can't unload it because it turns the seeds into spuds so what'd it give you back seeds or spuds ?
    Though i don't think i'd be a money exploit at least as the price of seeds per 1000 litres tends to be higher then the price of potato's per 1000 liters, and they're not used in any production chains, yet.


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