Everything you need to know about Cotton in Farming Simulator 22


Everything you need to know about Cotton in Farming Simulator 22. From how to plant it, care for it in the field, harvest options as well as how to transport cotton bales and modules from field to sell point or production points. Speaking of production where can you take cotton to further refine it into fabric and then refine it further into clothing.

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  1. I was doing a contract on Haut-beyeron, and I was harvest cotton and I got 2 bales out of it I went to go sell it to the spinnery the only place where cotton bales can be sold and when I dropped them off they didn't sell they just sat there. I've done cotton contracts before and they sold perfectly but they were round bales. I've tried moving them around to get them to sell nothing happen I tried reloading my map as well as my playstation and nothing is work. If anyone knows what to do that would help or even if anyone had this issue. P.S thanks for the video it was helpful just need my game to work now lol! 👍

  2. I just put a few spinerys on part of my farm and just dump the bales in the middle and push them when the little box thingy is empty. But I also do bonkers ass cotton fields. Multiple harvesters to get the harvest in time. That and sheep can keep me busy all year

  3. On the part about the tractor not destroying the harvest plant. Do u not think if it did destroy it, it would be a little like mulching. 🤔 I don't know myself, I'm just trying to think of an explanation for it not doing. So the devs are making sure if u wanted to use field again. U don't gain anything by running over the harvest crop. ???

  4. i have that issue with selling my cotton, i cannot sell it all, i bought the spinnery, but its just made everything into a bigger headache it feels like…. i cant see if the farmers market that i can make myself can buy it, but the input seems not accept it, i guess i'll just have to make one and find out.

    also i've found you can unload partially made bales with the john deere, but you have to get it up to a 25 percent point first.

  5. did some contract work with rented gear on smaller fields and could unload fairly small square bales, my guess is it is 10% like it was in fs19 so 2000L minimum to unload partial bales

  6. I found this out about overloading the spinnery when you own it when I was field flipping and harvested 3 large cotton fields at once, took me 3 years to drop it all off at the spinnery 😀 Then I found out that even if I don't own it that limit still applied … Lesson learned the hard way, but learned well !

  7. Just realized I miss the old price screens. I got a message that there is great demand at the animal dealer, but without the old chart it is hard to know what is actually in demand. Don't know of any place to see a list of what they buy.

  8. But if one spinnery will be full and you will have even more cotton bales ready… you can just buy another spinnery, so you will have double production and put there all overflow cotton, right? at base game you can have i think 10 productions? in MODHUB is mod for 64 productions on map… i think its for each production, or not? not sure for 100%… But still, if you want, you can buy second spinnery which will solve the issue, its better solution than direct sell 🙂 thx for video, really nice 🙂

  9. Well you got a new subscriber. I've been thinking about getting into cotton, but wasn't sure what I needed, difference between harvesters, ect. I enjoyed the in-depth explanation. The only possible downside seems to be that cotton makes TOO MUCH money. If you only sell the cotton, after 4 seasons you've paid for field 33 AND 34.

  10. Thanks for the new series of videos. Have you tested hay yet? Do we leave it on the field to dry like in 19 or Ted it like in 17. I have a few tester strips I've left on the field when cutting for my sheep. But haven't progressed far enough into the calendar to see what happens yet

  11. I just realized something else. Even though all of your calculations are correct, they are based on getting a crop every eight months, so if you are playing with seasons on, it will probably be even harder to keep the tailor shop fully stocked with fabric.

  12. Thanks Farmer Klein for the great videos. I own FS 22 but I can't believe giants with over a decade of experience could produce this game with so many faults in it, looks like they sent most of time
    doing graphic and sound work than making a better game

  13. I have thought about doing a cotton/wool focused production play through. Watching this is might be good to keep 1 spinnery full of cotton, then one full of wool. The only down side I can see is the production buildings seem to almost print money, taking away some of the progression of the game, where you start small and slowly expand.

    Also after watching this, it may always be best to build your own production buildings so you don't lose the sell point. It looks like they hold about one year worth of product, so if you had 2 cotton fields about that size, you would want to fill your spinnery and sell the rest, so it would be good not to lose those sell points. Also if you buy your own sale point, not a production, can you still sell to it? Do you get any extra, or is it just a way to add a sell point to the map?

  14. Easiest way to maximize your tailor shop when farming cotton, is to get some sheep…just enough to keep the tailor shop at max productivity. By keeping your sheep pen not full, and just the right amount, you can reap the rewards of selling excess sheep when they reproduce.

  15. In FS19, that JD harvester could unload if the bale was more then half full. What I would do would be estimate how big the final bale would be and, if needed, unload the second to last bale early.


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