Enable Dev Console – A Farming Simulator 22 How To


In this video we learn how to enable the development console for Farming Simulator 22 as well as some popular uses for using the dev console.

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  1. I don't know why but when I type a commend in console it always says NOT FOUND I try gsCollectiablesShowAll and hit enter it says not found same with other commends what am I doing wrong

  2. What are the console commands to change field states? I cant find them if I type help. On the forums, someone is saying the gsStoneSystemSetState command can remove stones – but its not found either. I used the TAB key, help command, and gsScriptCommandsList, it doesnt show the stone command, nor other useful commands like gsBaleList, gsFarmlandBuy, gsSetFieldFruit, etc. What am I doing wrong, or is this guy trolling everyone? Did these commands get removed in

    EDIT – I didn't have the -cheats parameter when running the game.

  3. Thank you for this. I try to avoid youtube so I can skim directly to the answer I am looking for (in this case hiding hud and flying). The few answers I got without vidoes though were wrong…

  4. Thanks… one question, player speed. I want to fly around and scout a map fast but when I land I want to move at a normal rate… is there a slider setting you use similar to the player speed mod (v/b) to speed up and slow down a player?


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