“ELMCREEK” FS22 EARLY MAP TOUR! | NEW MAP! Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5.


SLOTS FIXED!! “ELMCREEK” FS22 EARLY MAP TOUR! | NEW MAP! Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5. Map by: GIANTS Software. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Hi Mr. Sealyp. I just got the FS22 for console on 1/15/22. I've noticed that the sleep trigger will not allow me to go to sleep in the daytime. Is there a setting that will allow me to go to sleep in the daytime? If not, what can I do about this?

  2. I saw a couple steamers playing this game and thought it looked like fun, i have never ever played a farming sim game before and i chose the new farmer option and i must say there is next to no explanation of how anything works or where stuff is located and the guided tour it offered shouldn't even be offered as it was little to no help, i leased equipment for a fertilizing contract i picked up however i noticed after i bought the fertilizer that it cost more than the contract paid to spray the field and now i have no clue how to return the leased equipment!!

  3. Last night I bought the game.I saw a good selection of vehicles but today when I started it up the modhub only has 2 selections per catagory.Where are all the vehicles at? I know there has to be more then two in each category.What happened?

  4. Maybe we will see bigger maps more often. I miss the big fields of Stone Valley where I could store over 100 million Litters of grain. When the prices got high enough, I would spend the day hauling truck loads to the sell point, filling up my bank account.

  5. 35:15 That's one thing I think they messed up on, and that's the menu tabs. I'd love to see them moved from the side of the screen, back along the top, thereby making use of the monitors width, saves scrolling up and down to find the page you want. I'm not sure if the modding community are into modding the UI, but that would be a nice one to have.

  6. Enjoying the map so far, big improvement over the last base map. I find it such a pity that the four farms on the corners of the map are sealed up with no barn doors opening or usable farm houses. It's great that the starting farm has all the new features but it seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity to leave the other farms static.

  7. OMG MrSealyP I am re-watching this for the 3rd time and just realized one of my earlier comments about having to wait for crops to grow for months with seasons off was wrong! I too had seasonal growth paused! duh…. LOL

  8. How do you use any of the other farms on the map? Bought each one of the property and no doors open. Even the farm in the Elm Creek picture with a great looking silo.

  9. I cant get the goldcrest valley to work, i take a harvest contract drop the product at the mill, call the train, fill the train then send it to goldcrest valley all the product dissappears and the contract is still sitting at 89%. What im i doing wrong?

  10. Funny you asked me about the Jhonsons farmer market is 2 sell point the one over the silo is the normal one you use the other one is for Jobs you do for other farmers . The other thing is sell your home you do it in the costumise menu when you landskape just press R3 on what ever you want to sell you do it there.

  11. I kinda feel cheated.. every new game has included the last games dlc which is missing from here also alot of old machinery is missing. Case is down to 1 tractor which is my favourite brand I could list all the missing items if you want,is this where they give us all vehicles in the new doc by xmas. Dont get me wrong loven 22 but ripped off

  12. I can't interact with silos! and sheds that are already in the map? And I can't sell them, it's wasted space where I could place my own sheds and silos! I do hope there's a patch on that soon!

  13. at the present time the harvest contracts which have to have produce sent to goldcrest valley using the train are not completing.one which I did had 85000ltrs of oats of the field but when it went on the train it said only 16% complete another field had 11000ltrs of it and that said 16% complete hopefully there will be an update

  14. thank you so much for your detailed tour of the map! Hubby is playing with it, and found the landscaping manipulation a nightmare! It's a learning curve with a lot of twists and turns! preferred the FS19 landscaping way! 'crying uncle'!

  15. Graphics are really good but more cartoon than realistic I don’t mind it. Played it for half hour this morning before work as I couldn’t wait! Sounds are on point looking forward to getting a few hours in at the weekend. Keep up the great work SealyP

  16. I'm gonna just do one comment thing, then edit in other questions/ comments as I go along. But first I have a question: do we know how Giants will be distributing our game disc's to us? Like will my game be arriving at my house tomorrow, or will they be shipping them out tomorrow, then it gets here when it gets here? The anticipation is killin me lol.

    First, I'm very impressed with the increased audio quality of the various vehicles. I'm a little disappointed tho that when you go full throttle on the gas that the pickup doesn't do a burn out. Like country folk like to get a lil rowdy sometimes and bust one loose at the stop light, or go do donuts in a muddy field. Maybe someone can make a mod for that.

  17. Excellent Map tour as always Mr. Sealy P. I'm so glad you do console gaming so I can see what it will look like on PS5 when I can play it at midnight tonight. Keep up the awesome work you do!

  18. Excellent 1st look my friend. Loved it. You sure sold this game to me today. I kinda miss the gold nuggets when I was in dire straights, but these little trinkets you keep showing us are a brilliant replacement. Tiny sheep indeed! Perfect for your eg to play.

  19. Completely useless comment. The "big road" it depends on which part of the US you're in… Interstate, Freeway, Highway… they're all acceptable names. LOL… like I said, useless comment. Great tour, as always!

  20. Highway and interstate is pretty much interchangeable. Technically interstates will always have the letter I in front of a number. Highways can have the on and off ramps and are considered limited access but sometimes change to intersections. But my original point if you ask directions to the highway people aren’t going to say you mean the interstate?

  21. Holy cows, you are already killing it Mr SealyP! I wake up from working late and you already have four three video and even a live stream out on FS22!(Definitely will go back and watch live stream!!!) Keep up awesome work and video and look forward to everything to come!


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