Do Farming Simulator 19 Mods Work in Farming Simulator 22?


Probably one of the questions I’ve been asked the most over the last few weeks has been Do Farming Simulator 19 Mods Work in Farming Simulator 22?. I think we are all comfortable with the fact they won’t but I thought it would be interesting to see how much work was needed to get an FS19 mod into FS22.

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Best place to find FS19 mods
Where To Find New Mods & Mod Testing Lists
Giants ModHub (XB1/PS4) –
Giants MoHub (PC/Mac) –
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Do Farming Simulator 19 Mods Work in Farming Simulator 22?

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  1. A question and apologies if this has been asked on here somewhere. Can FS22 mods be made to work in FS19? Get it that quality may not be so good but surely if they can be done one way then the other will be the reverse?

  2. We should all just wait and be patient for the mods……but here is my hack hahahaha….Acting like one them thar politicians that are like do as I say not as I do hahahaha…Still, great time watchin just had to bust ya marbles

  3. For me and Farming sim releases I like to wait a solid 6 months till the mods round out the game to complete(especially because starting maps usually suck). Courseplay is the big one for me, If i cant have 20-40 pieces of equipment working at once I'm not having fun. AI workers look better though from what I've seen but the maps fields look pretty tiny.

  4. Mr sealyp/Daggerwin etc. …you people need to SLOW THE F%#K DOWN… and EXPLAIN how you are doing something. (I.e. how to change something in the menu) I uninstalled my game because at this point it’s unplayable. I may purchase PURE FARMING 2018

  5. Many thanks FSG – very good video and information. Will you be trying a similar test for FS19 maps?

    Oh and forgot to say – the biggest (that's BIGGEST) omission , for me, from FS22 is the Case 7200 series medium tractors from FS19 – no idea why they dropped those, they were the best value medium tractors in FS19.

  6. I honestly the mods need to be fixed to work with other mods in my opinion like there shouldn’t be any more errors and conflicts but it think it might be people pushing modders to get the mods out and that’s why there’s always errors and conflicts

  7. This is why originally I was not going to upgrade to fs22 because previous versions have just completely wiped out all the my mods. Unfortunately I got hooked on the new things such as the bakery with actually having to do a succession of inputs to get an output. But I have to definitely say that 22 will be the last time. I would think Giants would show a little appreciation for all this free stuff that they get and write something into the program so that it would convert mods from the previous game. And I'm talking about doing it on the fly so that we might have to put fs19 mods into a different sub folder. Thanks a lot Giants I really appreciate it!

  8. Are the movement sounds in the FS games generated by the vehicles or the map textures themselves? The fact that the unfinished tractor model you drove still generated a sound response from the map itself.

  9. Hey farm sim guy major question. For steam I've heard that you're not going to be able to download mods and place in folder for 22. This is what my friend has said. But I guarantee that my answer to him is it's the same setup mod folder issues like it was for fs19 you download and place in the pdlc folder on the game file. Am I correct? Or is there a separate folder to be used for mods for fs22?


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